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Better connection for FIFA 17

Hello guys,

the team of Titanfall game said there will be dedicated servers for the game for better connection,

But what about FIFA 17 ??

My ping with EA server never goes under 198ms ping with "" this is the main server for all EA games, Thats mean i never play any EA games without lag.


I have been test the ping with other games and it's not bad for example Overwatch i got 80ms


im in middle east, we would need a server closer, otherwise to use a european server our latency would be high, which mean, no chance to play online.


to work with dedicated servers EA would need provide servers for everybody not only Europe and North America.


and they must change (Akamai DDOS Protection) because they are really bad and most of the games providers don't deal with Akamai any more.


EA fans around the world and i am one of them every year we hope the servers get better but no hope, EA focusing on advertisement for all games and we are happy yes and when we try the game the connection is really really bad so we can't play that game any more even if i have 300MB Fiber Optic internet connection and its perfect with all games but not with EA games.


I hope EA can listen to us i am not the only one need the dedicated servers to play beautiful.


Now we can't play beautiful


Why only with EA games the lag is like hell?! all other games working fine without lag.

and they should use dedicated servers like all games do, come on we are in 2016 and still EA never listen to they fans!

can you imagine if your latency is minimum 198ms !!

never mind i don't ask EA for dedicated servers but let them change Akamai DDOS company, really really bad, you can search the web about Akamai and look what people said, they have really bad connection maybe they are good for protection but not the internet connection