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I stopped playing fifa 16 after it was simply broken and it needed 5 patches to deliver a somewhat playable yet awful game experience. in february I took my copy to the local gamestop and never looked back.


As I played mostly FUT and coop-seasons, those where the gamemodes that suffered most by terrible match engine, player switching and exploits. is there any hints that we see something good happening in this regard? i dont play other ea games, does frostbite offer anything promising?

By the thousands new rainbow-colored cards that EA issed throughout the year its obvious that this years FUT was not generating as much money as planned. an overhaul of this now stale game mode has to be the answer as i think there are only 2 or 3 colors to be found in nature that wasnt used in this years cards.


Some of you follow every information on fifa 17, should i pre-order, wait, or forget about the game altogether?


FIFA 16 was a real dealbreaker for me. it was really the cherry on top of the pile of s*it that sarted after fifa 12.


The problem is that i liked the 16-demo. it seemed that they had a grip on a lot of things that went in the wrong direction. but when it came to the final product, it was unplayable. of course you can blame the community for using the exploits, but how you can publish a game of this quality is really beyond me. everybody who played NBA2K16 - my substititude for fifa 16 - has to be shocked by the level FIFA is at.


I just pre-ordered the game online, which gives me the possibility to sent it back within 14-days for a full refund, thanks to german law. they really have to win me back as a customer. i think this year they felt the pressure, but will this be enough!?!