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Do you guys think there will be Xbox 360 support for FIFA 17?

EA only care about money....they will first look at cost to produce fifa 16 on old gen vs revenue from old gen (both game sales and in game purchases). If they lost money (highly unlikely), then instant stop production. If it yielded a certain profit, they will calculate number of copies sold, accounts used/created etc and come up with a number that estimates how many people own old gen and play fifa. Then, they will create a formula which cross references owners of old gen with sales data for new gen (which they most likely either purchase from microsoft and sony) to figure out how many of those old gen owners converted to next gen. Once that number is calculated, they will derive a new number of remaining old gen owners, adjust the projected revenue numbers, subtract projected costs, and get a new projected net profit figure. Of course other variables exist in this incredibly complex data analysis, which by the way they pay 9-5 corporate slaves peanuts compared to the billions they make to derive these figures.But ultimately if the numbers make sense, why wouldnt they?


Also EA could care less if you have old gen or new gen. As long as you are buying their product(s) they are happy.


What I think we need is a refresh on the overall game. We should be able to do practice matches, as well as practicing celebrations. We also need to improve career mode. We can do this by making more realistic, random transfers. I've done at least 10 career modes, in all of which Pastore has moved to Athletico. We also need to improve press conferences.

Pro Clubs has potential to be one of the best game modes. We should be able to pick whether we want a 5v5 game, a 10v10 game, or whatever. There should be more stadiums, even indoor ones. The indoor stadiums can be used for a next-gen Fifa Street add-on, which would be amazing.


One final thing EA should improve on is licensing. We should have way more leagues. We could have the Chinese League (With Lavezzi and Teixiera), The indian league (With Anelka and Roberto Carlos) or even the Qatar league (With Xavi). We could also have more National teams such as Nigeria or Algeria. We need to get licensing for European football; I'm tired of hearing "Champion's Cup". The reason why Fifa isn't as popular is because PES has overtaken us. We are better than PES.