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Do you think Fifa 16 is a good game?

I feel a rant incoming because I've just lost a game, so tempers are quite high atm. Personally, I don't like this game. I'm nearly 24 years old and I have played every Fifa game since World Cup '98. Possibly played one or two before that as well. But I can honestly say I think this is the worst game they've ever made. Before I get into the negatives, let me point out what this game did WELL.

Graphics: It's pretty


FUT variety: Lots of special cards, new tournaments, unlockable kits, players etc etc. Also, pretty impressive.


Career Mode: The training aspect was needed. It's okay. It's a fun novelty to have if you want to train up your 19 year old Saudi CB to be the next Maldini. It's fun more so than practical at the moment. Next year will probably be better.


So, now the negatives. Strap yourself in.


Pace: I know what you're thinking. Pace is his first negative, this guy he just runs down the wings all day. Absolutely not! However, if I do have Inisigne and my opponent has.. I dunno.. Kolarov for example.. I expect pace to work in this instance. I beat Kolarov.. roulette, fake shot, Berba spin and so on. I should only have to do this once.. not every 20 yards because the game has recovery pace to help the casual's out when they're getting beat to s***.


Casual Gamers: Leads me into my next point.. the person this game was made for. 11 year old Timmy comes home from school, he does his homework, Mum shouts to Timmy: "Okay Tim, you can have 1 hour on the Xbox, okay?!". Filled with excitement Timmy rushes to the Xbox, switches it on for an hour, has a great time. Dave arrives home from the office. He's had a rough day, he needs to do something for an hour before the Champions League build-up starts. Dave gets home at around 5:30 pm, eats the dinner organises himself, sits down to his PS4 at around 6:15/6:30 pm. One hour before the main build-up, Dave has a great hour. Where's the problem with this you might say? Well I'm glad you asked.. here's pt.


NOTHING MATTERS: It doesn't.. it really doesn't.. Dave & Timmy don't have time to get the best players in this game. They're rocking their 4-4-2 BPL team with Cisse and Diamanti. But they can feel safe.. they know that, even though their opponent has Romelu Lukaku up front, they're deadly duo of Steven Taylor and Ciaran Clark are both JUST as strong & JUST as quick as Lukaku.. happy f****** days!! See the problem yet? Maybe it's not a problem for anyone reading this, but for me it's absolutely ridiculous. Pace does not matter, strength does not matter, passing does not matter.. what do we have left?! In 2K is every player 5'9"? In UFC2 does Anthony Pettis have a better ground game than RDA? NO THEY'RE NOT! NO HE DOESN'T! There's a skill gap! Why the hell are we getting rid of the skill gap?! EA's attempt at balancing pace, was to disregard it completely. When will the impact engine be out of Beta form? Why does my TOTY Pogba get stumbled and **** off the ball by Jordi Alba? Why? I know why they're going down this route.. because the hardcore's will generally stay around.. and now the idea that casual players can pick up a controller and win a few games every night might encourage them to step up their game and buy some packs. I get it. It's good business. But for God's sake isn't business already booming EA? Do you really need to squeeze out those extra few $$$$ for the sake of the game itself? It breaks my heart. I liked Fifa 13, I loved Fifa 14, Fifa 15 was decent.. Fifa 16 is trash.. it just is. You might enjoy the game, but you can't defend how poorly it's made. I mean Jesus Christ, if TOTY Iniesta isn't perfectly balanced and facing the right direction he hoofs the ball out of play. Which (not so subtly) brings me to pt.


Game Mechanics: I touched on it already. 65 pace can catch 94.. 54 strength can push 88 off the ball with ease. Lee Cattermole has the same passing range and capability as TOTY Modric. I mean **** my life.. how is this good? How is this balanced? There has to be a point where BETTER means BETTER! There's a reason McGregor tapped to Diaz, there's a reason John Terry wasn't a winger. There are limitations to what people can do, but with Fifa 16 those limitations seem to be reduced to as little as possible so Timmy and Dave can feel competitive.


But I suppose can we really be surprised given EA's history? It seems everything they touch goes to ****. Remember last year? The new innovation was Goalkeepers.. how'd that go? Remember this year? the new innovation was passing and interceptions? How's that going. Is there such a thing as an interception in Fifa 16? Or do the opposition AI just move to the ball before your forward every time? You know? Remember the sprint dribble in Fifa 14? Beautiful, crisp, fluid movement. Admittedly, it needed patching.. but look where we are now. I loved the sprint dribble.. because I could defend it. There's this whole thing in Fifa called defending that doesn't involve holding one button. You CAN switch players.. you CAN read runs.. you CAN mark space.. but I don't blame you for not doing it.. why would you when all you need to do is contain and 3rd man press and the game does it for you? That's why there was uproar over the sprint dribble.. now movement became unpredictable and people couldn't handle it. Their precious contain didn't work.. and honestly, for the month it lasted I was loving life. Probably has something like 500 goals in 200 games with Giovinco. It was ridiculous.




Well I was using the extreme examples for effect. I generally have a 3:1 win loss on Fifa 16. Down from around 5:1 on previous Fifa's. I can win in this game, I just feel dirty doing it. It hasn't felt satisfying like previous years.


I get your point about players running with the ball vs. without, but they've gone too far in this years game. I feel like if the Bale & Bartra situation was relived in Fifa 16 Bartra would catch him every time. I can see what they were TRYING to do, but there in lies another of my problems.. EA's ability to get something right.


Fifa 16 is a step in the right direction after the horrific Fifa 15 and it's possibly the least flawed in recent years in terms of a definitive exploit like the OP headers of 14.


But it fails massively in the FUN factor for me, the game play is possibly the most generic and least inspiring.



Pace is right, defenders are no longer mugged by pace attackers

Market is spot on, top players are affordable assuming you invest some real ££££ into packs.



Passing is horrific, too hard, too weak, totally erratic, possibly more "realistic" to some extent but its a video game and it should be fun not tedious and tiresome.


Skills are too cheap and too OP, people can spend the entire game ball rolling, step overs, fake shots, with minimal effort with maximum effect, defender are POWERLESS if someone does the above a lot they will win IMO. The fact you can apply a fake shot whilst the ball is travelling is an atrocity in itself, massive advantage to the attacker, and leaves the defending player with his hands tied to even attempt to stop it. Skills should ALL be only applied when the attacker takes control of the ball. The risk/reward should be greater too, it's too easy to pull them off and keep the ball, the distance the ball travels from the players foot should be greater giving the defender more of a chance, you can predict your opponent is gonna do it, and react accordingly but the ball is too tight to the attackers foot to do anything about it.


Keepers are A LOT better this year, but they're probably too OP at medium range and too weak at very close range and long range, when you pull your keeper out to narrow the angle he should do just that, not be transparent so the ball travels right through him.


There are more, but for me these 3 cons are the most soul destroying.