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EA for finally changing free kicks in Fifa 17

One of my biggest complaints about the series. I despise the current system (people in this topic are going to brag about how good they are at free kicks but the current system makes no sense and is unreasonably difficult) and I bow down to EA for finally changing it so that now you simply aim the cursor where you want to hit the ball. Also for adding a bunch of new set piece options.

I've begged for a system where there is a visual indicator on the screen that you simply aim (similar to field goals in Madden) and you simply control the power (PES has had this for years). The accuracy of how well the ball follows the line and how difficult it is to keep the indicator steady would be determined by the player's free kick stat.


Everyone complained that it would be too "easy" which is completely false. It would still be difficult because:


A. The ball will almost never exactly follow the guiding line. The guide would just be a prediction of where the ball might go (the accuracy of the prediction depending on the player's free kick stat). The path would still be depending on how well you did the power meter, how steady you held the cursor and a wide variety of different things like the player's stats or goalie vision.


B. The aiming line would, by default, aim straight at the goalie. The further away you try to bend the line away from the goalie, the more force feedback the line will give you, making it extremely difficult to hold the cursor steady even for elite free kickers (as it's a tough feat in real life as well). The ease at which you can hold the line still would, again, be affected by the player's free kick stat.


C. It's exactly the same as the older system except now instead of this BS where everything is invisible and there's no logic behind where you aim the player and where the ball goes, we can actually see the systems behind what is going on and can produce vastly different types of set pieces.


D. It finally punishes people who abuse the fact that refs are extremely lax in this game and refuse to hand out yellows. Beforehand, people would foul you non-stop in their own end, knowing the chances were nil that your average player was going to get a 25 yard free kick on target, let alone score from it.