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FIFA - Frustrating online tactics

I have been a Fifa player for the last 20 years. Mainly on single player.. my first experience of online was Fifa 12 or so... was awesome fun.


Anyway, I haven't bought Fifa since then but decided I need to give the famous ultimate team a go, so I bought Fifa 16 last week.

Anyway - first experiences were pretty cool online. I play using true to life tactics .. so a balance of speed, skills, through balls and possession.


I encountered a couple of high pressure players - I didnt enjoy the matches at all, left me sweating and frustrated... I just thought I was out played and bowed my head though.


Since then, I encounter at least one high pressure player in every three and it's become a issue that will literally stop me playing the game and think twice about playing it next year. Usually it's just self entitled cry babies throwing their toys out the pram that say that - but I genuinely mean it. God - Ive only owned the game for a week and already lost excitement to play.


Anyway ... I guess I wanted to air my opinion and see if anyone else is coming across these high pressure players? I also can't work out what their doing. They can't be holding R1 - because that only calls one extra footballer - these guys have like three of four players around me at all times.


I think like a logical human, and say - hmmm, this loser will be shattered by the 75th minutes and I will OWN HIM. So I pass it about (even though thats hard as heck with four footballers surrounding me at all times) - but it seems he never grows tired. Wheres the stamina??!?!!??!!


So this has turned more into a rant now... so to remain on topic, I guess I just want to know if I am alone with this grievance? And if Im not alone, what bloody tactic can I use to beat these idiots?


I did dabble in the tactics section - I tried High Pressure and possession - but not really noticing much different on pitch. My brief research shows that a custom tactic is the way these morons play. Pushing aggression and pressure right to the top.


I could simply use the logic "if you cant beat them, join them" but I don't want to play like that. What Id like in a perfect world (other than fifa fixing it, perhaps with a much more real stamina system) would be to have a tactic that totally nullifys theirs and makes a mockery of it. So the minute I notice them using the silly pressure tactic, I switch on my own tactic that destroys them. That would feel good every time.


One thing I want to try, is a patient passing game around my Defenders and Midfielders... luring several of their players out of position and then a very quick long ball to my forwards... hopefully with very few defenders to come up against.


I also read that very early through balls beat the high pressure tactic easily.


I might even write a tongue in cheek humorous email asking for a refund. On the basis that the game is faulty and I have 4 ai players surrounding me at all times and their gameplay footage doesn't show it. In fairness I'm within my refund deadline,and I was already debating even purchasing it as it's already nearing the next fifa release date and we are going away for a few months in June where I wont even be able to play it. 


Wow guys... so I am obviously not alone. I guess that gives me some comfort - but it's frustrating that this is a very real problem that EA is obviously ignoring.


If they are ignoring such a flaw, i can only assume its for business reasons... maybe they want to "fix" it in Fifa 17 to help sales. Or perhaps there are so many kids out there enjoying this artificial tactic that Fifa will leave it as it's popular.


Either way, this is a VERY real game breaker for me. I am very open to the fact that everyone is different and are entitled to be how they want to be, even if your a violent person... be violent, but just go do it in your own space with other violent people. Perhaps send them all to an island to fight. Point of that story is, if EA refuse to remove this problem, then at least allow people to choose certain specifics they don't want to be "matched" with. We could then choose things like, not playing against custom tactics. So these high pressure folks will all end up playing each other.


Just dreaming now...


I played last night though. Three matches. I lost all three... but none were using high pressure tactics and I REALLY enjoyed the matches and losing felt good - I just wish I could relax knowing it will always be this way. In saying that, the last dude, I was 2-0 up at half time and in the second half, I started getting sneaky suspicions that he changed his custom tactics to go high pressure - I lost 3-2. But wasn't extreme enough to leave me that frustrated - I think he was in the process of learning how to play that way.


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