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FIFA 17: Do you really know what's irritating?

Is when people like you are continuously blindly not noticing people like myself who didn't buy FIFA 13, 14, 15 and 16. Why? Because I complained of the gameplay issues such as 45th minute 90th minute goals! I bought FIFA 17 for the first time in 5 years. I was angry of something that I am not allowed to say on these forums because I'm not allowed to say it even though I strongly believe in it.


No I won't buy FIFA 18 because there are some issues in 17 that I notice which I wasn't aware and it's still in it even after 5 years. Like in the PC version there's an issue with online sync in error randomly occurring online. Where suddenly a message on screen will pop up saying Error Synchronizing. And I receive loss.


FIFA 17: Do you really know what's irritating?


If a game makes me so angry, why will I buy it so it continues to maintain my anger management issues? I used to have big problems with a game called Carom 3D a pool game that caused me to rage. I played 20 thousand matches between 2004 to 2007! Guess what? I completely stopped playing it one day because I was so angry that during this period I broke 3 keyboards from anger.


EA get sales from Ultimate Team. So even if I, you or anyone else does not buy a game of FIFA. It doesn't really affect EA. Because they get huge sales from Ultimate Team. An area I have no interest in.


They also have a large kids fanbase. Every year. If even 10 thousand people like us don't buy FIFA 18. Then there will be 10 thousand new children who will become a year older and will buy the game at perhaps 7-8 years of age.


The population of FIFA fans every year grows irrespective of how recycled the gameplay is or lacks any improvements. Because A. Football is an instinctually popular game and B. the population of player fanbase increases due to new kids being born and growing to childhood. With a greater access to Consoles and PC's FIFA is bound to have more players for FIFA 18 even if it's a complete failure. It will still have greater sales compared to FIFA 2000 simply due to a natural growth in population. And EA are misusing that fact!


So even if I now tweet one of the developers of FIFA! "I'm not buying FIFA 18" they don't give a damn because it doesn't affect their overall profits. I'm an individual, a drop in an ocean I possess no power or enough of an impact to make a difference.