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FIFA 17: It's not PTB, it's custom tactics

Why do I say this? Think about the following.


Why, this year, are we suddenly seeing people 'parking to bus' so much yet in previous years it wasn't this common? Are people just suddenly scared? No, it's the fact that custom tactics are now easily done in the Squad tab. So many people will see the custom tactics who have never used them before so have no idea what effect they have. They will see the 'pressure' option in the defending part and won't want to pressure much (it creates to many gaps) so they lower it. The effect this has is simply putting your back line verrrrrrrry deep.


FIFA 17: It's not PTB, it's custom tactics


How many people do you come across who 'park the bus' yet still have strikers in your half? A lot. So that shows it's not PTB as if it is everyone of their players would be in your half. Now, of course some people will PTB in games like they always have but there's no reason why this many people would PTB from kick off.


Now, before some bright spark pops up saying i'm wrong, i'm not saying that some of those people aren't PTB because some people do it but it's very rare to see someone do it from kick off, the only ones who do it are the trolls who will then dab if they score, watch all replays, waste time etc.


Next time someone you think is playing PTB, just note where their front line is. I bet you'll notice they're to high to be PTB which will show custom tactics are having a big effect on what looks like PTB 


Hey you may well be right, I don't really have an issue with counter attack (I play it every game), I think it's good for building from the back as your cbs drop deeper to collect the ball. Just offering my tuppence as to people's gripe with gameplay


The only people who complain about the gameplay are those who are either trying to use cheap tactics like in previous years (pace abuse, lobbed balls etc) and failing or those who simply fail to adapt to the game :)


The game is great and while there is still a few issues, it's still 10x better than FIFA 16.