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FIFA 17 Career mode Wishlist of majority fans

Give all the managers a gameface, if you can add gamefaces to all the players of the BPL ( Barclays Premier League) how easy is it not to add gamefaces on the managers. Would be alot better then that old men.


Add a kit creator, how awesome is it not when you finished a season on your career mode that you can play with new kits, 1 condition: you can only use the club colours to create your new kit.


When you play ‘’my player career’’ start your first games as a substitute on the bench, if PES can do this function why doesn’t EA can.


Get full licenses of the Europa league, Champions league, Serie A, Eredevisie, Belgium Pro League, Ligue 1, Liga Portugesa. Would be a lot realistic when you add this licenses.

Import storylines, scenario’s and cutscenes in FIFA 17, Career mode like NBA2K, would it not be nice if you actually see your own pro walk into the locker room, get on the field or just see him signing his new contract with another club.


More questions in the press conference, it would be very nice to get the questions and not to talk about the other team and that stuff.


Youth team should have their own games that you can play/watch.


Manager reactions on the pitch, celebrating with the manager after scoring a goal or winning a title.


Managers and players should be posed with the kit when they sign for their club.

When creating your virtual pro you should get two coloured hairstyles.


Just watch games as a manager and change tactics while the game is playing.

Ballon d’or licenses


Online career mode as player or manager, how awesome would it be as you can actually start a cometition with your friends. This is something that alot of fans want in FIFA 17.


A team against B team in manager mode

If your team is not playing good for a long time, or i fits a derby the fans are using flares, banners.


After game interview cutscene so you can answer the questions about the game you just played.


More camera angles

Better/new commentary

Make it enable to retrain players positions like Diego Costa is a striker mak it possible that we can train him to a Central attacker.


We you start a career make it possible to choose if you want international offers.

Upgrading stadium ( create your own stadium)


Bring back ‘’creation center’’ in FIFA 17.


There should be a morale bar of how happy the fans/board are on your progress as manager or player


When you playing player career make it possible to sign a agent for your pro, cause now you earn your weekly fee as a player but you can’t use it. Let us buy shoes, attributes, agents and a lots of other stuff from that fee.