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FIFA 17 Custom Tactics Exploring

Well done on winning nearly every time, again my point wasn't about skill but it's good to know. If a player is better on a level playing field then fair enough! Myself and others obviously have a very different game experience than you.


Custom tactics DO have an effect on the speed, performance and strength of your team and an adverse one on the opponent but we could argue back and forth all day if you think otherwise.


FIFA 17 Custom Tactics Exploring


As for the only thing that's a problem (for you) being that your opponent can park the bus from the very first minute, are you telling me that your opponent can choose a tactic that is assisted by the game programming to improve them and make it easier for them to play and gain a defensive advantage through the AI being affected? Possibly one that may make it easier for them to counter attack and score on their first shot too after being battered all game lol. Surely that's a completely valid tactical choice that's available in the game... and there's no input delay at all!


Or maybe there is a problem in the game programming for park the bus and counter attacking too and there is a button lag but I'm just saying that what you are saying isn't in the game? Could it possibly mean if this is an issue in the game that they haven't got custom tactics right either?


I've played the game long enough to spot the trends in how the game plays and what I find fun to play and what I find grinds the game to a bore, so let's leave it at that.


I actually like the game for the most part but for all the complaints about EA which may well be deserved, a lot of players are just as much at fault for ruining the game!