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FIFA 17 demos Discuss

We may get one this week, as last year they released the first preview video on May 28th.

So far we've heard there will be a Major leap forward in Personalization, Immersion & Competition.


Going off what NHL 17 & Madden 17 have teased so far it looks like we may be able to edit generic stadiums (seat colours, goal net colours / patterns etc). I hope this continues in to Edit Player mode and that we will finally be able to edit generic player faces and licensed players' hairstyles too.


No trailers are going to help us know whether the game has been improved or not. Trailers are one of the most deceiving aspects of video games. It tells us nothing, really. It could be a bad trailer, but a great game and vice-versa.


Only in-depth gameplay videos can give us more information about the game, such as attack, defense and team balances. Trailers will never give us that information even if they attempt to demonstrate through them. Plus gameplay developers can always lie about the improvements through trailers. It doesn't mean the game is then immediately worth pre-ordering. Don't let that emotionally make you decide whether to buy the game or not.


I'm going to wait for demos and after playing the demos if I am satisfied, I will wait for feedback from other players about the full game whether it is a reflection of the demo. That's the only way, no one can deceive me with trailers or propaganda reviews! I have not bought a FIFA since my last game FIFA 12 and I will not buy FIFA 17 if that disappoints me as well! So it's up to the developers if they want to improve this game or keep recycling it with only updated squads and minor fixes!


But my point is that if the demo satisfies you and then full game is a reflection of it. At least you'll know the full game will not be a disappointment as long as they don't patch the gameplay.


But if the demo turns out to be a disappointment. Then chances are the full game will be completely hopeless and not even worth taking a look. A demo will give us a rough guideline to see how different FIFA 17 will be from FIFA 16. If it's not much different then at least we will know that way we won't buy the game blindly.


I didn't forget about the difference between the demo and full game of FIFA 16. As soon as I heard that the FIFA 16 gameplay was changed in patch 1.02 while being the same for patch 1.01. I knew that was the alert and I must back away from buying the game.


I heard all sorts of things on the forums that it is a placebo effect etc. It was not, because when I went to compare gameplay videos on youtube I saw a very apparent difference in the gameplay speed between the demo and the full game when patched to 1.02. When people kept saying that they played the 1.01 game for offline play on one hard drive and 1.02 version for online play on another. I knew instantly that something is not right and it cannot be a placebo effect.


Not to mention the passing. It took more skill to pass in the game in the demo. While full game was patched so passing was more assisted than semi-assisted. I heard this from quite a few people, some saying they were very happy with the change. The same individuals who expressed disappointment in the demo loved the patched version. Assuming these are kids who want the gameplay to be more arcady. But most of us grown-ups want a more simulation type of gameplay and we were happy with the demo because it represented a more simulation type of gameplay.