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FIFA 17 discuss the fine details

Ladies & Gentleman, it's that wonderful time of the year again when rumours start sprinkling out of the EA HQ about the details of the latest instalment of the FIFA series that gets us all excited in anticipation of the new release in September. As is tradition, this thread will keep on top of the news we find throughout the remainder of our wait for the game whilst acting as a hub for us fans of the aesthetic side to discuss the fine details through-out the 12 month period.


The Starhead Thread officially started way back in 2011 for the future release of FIFA 12 by a user by the name of Chase Watterson. Prior to that, we had a fairly large thread detailing the debut of starheads for FIFA 11. Since the first Starhead Thread; the interest and demand for starheads has grew larger with every edition of FIFA. The FIFA 16 Starhead Thread was the largest actual thread on the FIFA Forums -- with just under 1 million views and over 6 thousand comments as of writing -- which is a great achievement in itself when you consider the popularity of the Ultimate Team section. For this, I thank each and every one of you for contributing throughout the years. We are all equally responsible for this accolade and I'm sure the FIFA 17 version of this thread will only build on this success. Throughout the years, we have seen many users come and go. Each have helped and contributed to our efforts. You know who you are. Once again, thank you.


Now. Enough of this sappy stuff. Since this is a forum, there will be rules we will need to abide to:-

This thread is for player face discussion only, for discussion of everything else to do with FIFA 17 please use the other threads.

Please use the Off Topic section to discuss PES. A small amount of PES face discussion is allowed in here but only for comparison purposes. Anything else/excessive PES face discussion will be removed.

We understand graphics aren't everyone's cup of tea. Please be aware that we also want gameplay updates and fixes but this thread is solely just for starheads. EA have numerous departments working on different aspects of the game. There are gameplay-specific threads for you to air your thoughts.

Please be respectful of everyone's opinion. Arguing for the sake of arguing will get us nowhere.


For those of you who are not familiar with what a starhead is, it occurs when a team is dispatched by EA to a football clubs training facilities where they sit the team down in their makeshift studio to take a number of photos in which - over time - they are applied to a players' in-game face. The results are quite outstanding.



There are 4 different types of faces in FIFA. They are the following:-



when a player receives the treatment mentioned above.


When a team sent by EA take multiple pictures with one camera to apply to players' in-game counterpart.


when the players' in-game is designed by the graphics team without the aid of a photoshoot.


when a player has a in-game face that is modelled on them without going into great detail.

Confirmed thus far...


No Official News:



Premier League (rescan)


Additions to the Women's roster

Special mention: Possible body scans



2014/2015 Barclays Premier League (rescan)




Real Madrid

FC Barcelona (rescan)

Entire Women's Roster

Paris Saint Germain (rescan)

Olympique de Marseille (rescan)

Olympique Lyonnais (rescan)

Borussia Mönchengladbach



2013/2014 Barclays Premier League (minus Fulham and Cardiff City)

Leicester City




2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

USA National Team



Lille OSC

Olympique de Marseille (rescan)

Olympique Lyonnais (rescan)

Tottenham Hotspur

Paris Saint Germain (rescan)


Newcastle (rescan)

Borussia Dortmund

Atletico Madrid

FC Barcelona


Aston Villa (rescan)

AC Milan (rescan)

Arsenal (rescan)

Chelsea (rescan)

German National Team (rescan)

Valencia (rescan)





Germany National Team(rescan)

Manchester City (rescan)

Chelsea (rescan)

Paris Saint Germain (rescan)



Aston Villa

Newcastle United

Manchester City

AC Milan

Germany National Team

Olympique de Marseille

Paris Saint Germain

Vancouver Whitecaps






Olympique Lyonnais



Top teams that are in desperate need of treatment


FC Bayern München, VFL Wolfsburg, Schalke 04, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Inter, Lazio, Fiorentina, Napoli, A.S Roma, FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting C P, Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Zenit Saint Petersburg, R.S.C Anderlecht.