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FIFA 17 is broken easy passing

All this game is anymore is broken easy passing, defensive AI that helps people who shouldn't be able to compete play even with better players. Being good at this game is not even rewarding anymore.


Most of what set good players apart was good dribbling; but they made dribbling absolutely worthless while making slow build up play, doesn't matter how much your opponent sucks, the only way to play around the the ridiculous AI.


FIFA 17 is broken easy passing


Good job destroying this game every year little by little eAIDS. Why can't you not screw it worse and worse every year? How is it humanely possible to screw up a game every year worse than the year before? Last time the new Fifa wasn't a down grade was fifa 11 or 13.


Ever since then they have made dribbling worse and worse. Not you have to rely on AI to move for you because you can't dribble yourself nearly regardless of how good or bad your opponent is. All you do is pray your AI beats their AI in terms of positioning. That is all it feels like anymore.


Whenever I do a skill move and it works its not even gratifying anymore; its more like "holy crap" that move doesn't TRY and give the ball away every time? Surprise surprise.... All EA rewards anymore is sweaty play like headers or kick off sprinting. Like to play the wings like a real champions league club? Unless you cross for headers too bad because playing on the wings is worthless unless you have an 80 physical winger who doesn't just get tossed off by the fullback like a rag doll.


Used to feel like when I LOST the ball it was the other player intercepting me, reading me, now its just the AI being everywhere on the pitch and doing it all for him. You vs 10 AIs and 1 loser should be the name of the next Fifa... 


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