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FIFA 17 is looking good BUT one thing is missing yet again


The best mode in FIFA is pro clubs. It holds the most potential in the game and yet EA seem to have missed this memo.


FIFA 17s main changes have been announced.

New game engine

Story mode

usual gameplay changes


Why not take this opportunity to overhaul pro clubs and announce it as the great mode it is.



Design your own team from the ground up including kit and stadium

Buy and sell the players your team needs.

As you progress in divisions , your AI players gain experience & get better.

Top teams in each division are entered in to weekly tournaments.

Customize the look and names of your AI players.

Winning matches means something now. Gain money/XP for your team via victories.

XBOX Marketplace/PSN transactions. Buy vanity items for your player/s and club including tattoos,hairstyles and boots.


Pro clubs could be massive and an annoucment like this would have had people go crazy but yet again it looks like Pro clubs has been overlooked yet again. I just dont understand why EA are not taking advantage of this mode. Done right it could make them so much money just like FUT packs.


I hope FIFA 17 has some kind of improvement for pro clubs. At the moment when playing ask yourself this. "whats the point in winning on pro clubs mode?" theres just no point. Every team looks the same , we all have the same AI players with the same names. We all have a choice of the same kits and when you reach the top of a division it doesnt matter at all.


When my pro clubs team reached division 1 it was pointless. All we got was a surge of random transfer requests.