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FIFA 17 prices

Seriously, what is wrong with you guys at EA? The cheaper version ON PC costs around R$ 200 (about US$ 60), the super deluxe one is about R$ 340 (US$ 100) which is very expensive to us here at Brazil, simply because our minimum wage is around R$ 880 (about US$ 260), almost 23% of our minimum wage to a game, this is an extortion, an abuse, FIFA 16 was R$119 (US$ 35,15) to me and FIFA 15 was R$69,90 (US$ 20,65).


As a PC user, the game and services EA "provides" doesn't justify at all the price. I bet that two weeks after the game being launch that some players will have generic shoes, and squads that won't be updated, AS ALWAYS.


So why, EA, why are you increasing the price of your games like that? Same goes to BF1, same ridiculous price.


I can only speculate that this is a temporary price. And surely the prices will drop down as release date approaches. It was like that in previous years I remember.


You just don't pre-order! Just buy it on release, it will be cheaper by then. Plus for me the price factor really isn't all that important at this stage. It's far more important what the final product would be. It's important to see what the differences between the Demo and full game would be like and how Frostbite Engine changes the gameplay/graphics.


Also since you're a PC Gamer like myself. I'm sure you'll have that positive advantage of being able to buy it digitally online from various online shopping sites that will offer the game for cheaper than Retail store prices. Even Retail PC DVD version will cost cheaper online than from in stores.


It is something that we have to see in the demo. Which is why I also am not too worried about the price at this stage. I also ran FIFA 16 Demo perfectly on my dad's newly built PC with GTX 960 4GB at 4K resolution.


But I feel that if Frostbite is badly optimized for PC even at 1080P. Then chances are the PS4/Xbox One versions will also struggle. I don't think EA will let the game go unoptimized for the console version. It wouldn't make sense because the hardware of the console version would be weaker than a modern PC. If they can't optimize it for the PC version, then I can't imagine the game to run smoothly for the PS4/Xbox One versions!


I don't think console gamers will be happy to play the game locked at 30 frames per second, it would be a scandal. So I am certain that EA will make the game run at 60fps. This game is more important than Mirrors Edge, so I expect more investment and development to be put for a football game.