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FIFA 17 PRO Clubs is dead

Its a vicious cycle each year, EA make no changes because hardly anyone plays the mode, then more and more people give up the mode because EA make no changes and around we go.


By Fifa 18, I can honestly see Pro Clubs being removed just like Online Team Play unless EA actually dedicate some time and resources to changing the mode and bringing players back, but with how popular UT is and how they love their gimmicks, I doubt it.


Currently <1% of Fifa players play Pro Clubs and I get that isn't enough to demand changes because a lot of players after release don't put a single penny back into Fifa after they buy it because all they play is Clubs but EA need to realise the potential of this mode.


I had a massive essay typed out with every feature in this mode and how to improve on it but it was way too long and I was getting bored trying to finish it. The problem with this mode summed up is how its focused on greed, accomplishments are designed to make you score, assist or tackle, only a couple promote just passing or playing the game, its all about being the hero and you suffer otherwise, team players get forced out for the Ronaldo wannabes, who wants to be a Pirlo when you get nothing from it where as a Ronaldo is the guy who gets everything.


Drop In is where most people begin, they aren't going to stay for long in 5v5 no ANY attack v AI defence games where players call the ball and run the field to be the hero (ill get to that) Bring back 11v11, add a vote to kick, add a shorter timer, bring players back, stop them getting bored and going back to CM or Seasons. If I'm new to this mode and every game I experience this, I'm gone. Not everyone has friends to start playing with right away.

Accomplishments need to change, offer more than being the hero, offer accomplishments for playing or earn XP just playing to spend in the areas you earn XP to create your own unique pro because with the 3 builds in each position and the same physical stats, my pro is no different from anyone else's. 20 volleys outside the box 40 goals from 35 yards or whatever it is, people aren't going to do these over the course of a year, they're near impossible, realistic accomplishments for realistic players. I would love a way to create unique pros with stats, take stats off to put stats on other areas to a limit so my pro isn't the same as 90% of other forwards, that requires a lot of work and stat balancing but now, I'd be happy for small pros not to be God tier and tall pros to suffer, going over 5,10 outside of CB is pointless, smaller pros have strength, speed, balance, agility, stamina and jumping, they have everything, why play any other build in EA's physical game? Tall players shouldn't be 99 paced at 6,7 but a lot of taller players aren't 60 pace and get thrown about by smaller players either


To add on the above, the stats for Pros have been the same for the last 3 years, the builds have been the same for the last FIVE years, the accomplishments have almost been identical for the last SIX years. You boot up Fifa, go to Clubs on the first day and you the same accomplishments you've earned for the last 6 years staring right at you, why bother doing it again?


Clubs feels more of a grind and a chore than fun, with the bugs still in the game since Fifa 13, the accomplishments and builds being the same, why bother doing it for another year and wasting your time.


If there isn't major changes, this mode is dead. I don't expect a lot of people to bother coming back if Fifa 17 Pro Club is the same.


I could say so much more but it wouldn't change a thing, we could have things like 5v5 indoor games with VP, invite free roam training arenas, training games with VPs and so much more to make this game mode be great again but instead we'll maybe get 3 new haircuts while UT gets 300000000 changes.