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FIFA 17 Release: 5 Things to Know Now

There is a new FIFA game coming this year, without a doubt. This is what you need to know about the FIFA 17 release date, features, FIFA 17 cover and other important details.


During the EA earnings call on May 10th, the company teased upgrades in three key areas, but did not confirm the specific release date. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that FIFA 17 will deliver a, “major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition.”


We expect that EA will announce FIFA 17 soon, likely kick off a cover vote and start bringing attention to the game ahead of a special event in June. We see a new FIFA game each year and EA just started talking about NHL 17, Madden 17 and specifically addressing the game.


Will EA come back with a big FIFA 17 upgrade that delivers more than a stats update and a roster upgrade? The details are still murky, but we can outline what is happening now and what is coming.

What gamers need to know about the FIFA 17 release date and features. AGIF /


While we are in 2016, we are actually waiting for the FIFA 17 release date since EA releases these games for the upcoming season. We’ve heard from some users who have purchased the wrong version of FIFA in the past, so it is worth mentioning that you should wait for the FIFA 17 release date.


There is a very good chance that we will see FIFA 17 and a FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition that is $10 more and includes special FIFA Ultimate Team bonus items.


In June at EA Play, which takes place during E3, we should see our first FIFA 17 gameplay videos and learn much more, but we could see a teaser this month.


Now that FIFA 16 is in the EA Access and members can play it for free, it is time to look forward to the new FIFA 17 release that is coming later this year.


FIFA 17 Release Date

This month we expect EA to confirm the FIFA 17 release date for this fall. Last year EA announced the FIFA 16 release date in late May, ahead of E3, and we think this will happen again in 2016.


EA confirmed that the FIFA 17 release date is coming in Q3, which includes September.


During this announcement we should also learn about what consoles you can play the game on. We should see a trailer, but we may not see actual FIFA 17 gameplay until E3 2016 in June, where EA is holding its own event.


You can count on the FIFA 17 release date in September 2016. This is when the last six FIFA release dates took place.


   - Potential FIFA 17 Release Date - September 20th


   - Potential FIFA 17 Release Date - September 27th


The dates above are the most likely new FIFA release dates for 2016. We could see GameStop and other retailers list the game before a confirmation using a 12/31/2016 date that is a placeholder. GameStop already lists a Madden 17 game.


FIFA 17 Cover

We expect to see a FIFA 17 cover that varies from country to country based on their superstars.


Last year we saw EA place two players on some of the covers as the company added Women's International Teams to FIFA for the first time ever.


While there is no confirmation yet, the positive reception of this feature leads us to believe we will see Women's teams again. It's not clear if the cover will be shared like it was for FIFA 16.


Expect a FIFA 17 cover vote to take place online, unless EA reverses course like it did with Madden 17. During FIFA 16 a cover vote was launched that allowed fans to pick from a group of players that EA pre-filled.


FIFA 17 Features

It is very tough to tell what EA will add to the FIFA 17 features list this year. The company made many changes and upgrades for FIFA 16 that influenced the pace of the game.


With a focus on personalization, immersion and competition there are a lot of potential upgrades. Perhaps we will see a supercharged create a player mode, more realism in the stadium, gear, commentary and player interactions and perhaps even better AI on both offense and defense. 


We expect to see more Women's International Teams added this year, but it's not clear if you will be able to play with these teams against the rest of the teams.


There are a lot of FIFA 17 wishlists that focus on career mode, which could use some upgrades for sure.


We enjoyed the smarter AI, but feel like it could get a boost as players still end up where they shouldn't when trying to mount an attack.


Count on upgraded graphics and based on a job listing we know that EA Sports wants to identify the features fans want most. An Associate Producer role for the FIFA Franchise states,


"An EA Sports Associate Producer at EA Romania works closely with the production and design team on identifying and creating features that the EA Sports customer longs for. Deep knowledge of Football and a genuine passion for the sport is a requirement. You will also need a good eye for product quality and usability along with a hunger for AAA game development."


There are also many other open roles for the FIFA game at EA Sports locations.


Play FIFA 17 Early

If you cannot wait for the FIFA 17 release date to play, and you own an Xbox One you should be able to play early. With Origin Access, you will likely get to play FIFA 17 early on PC as well. 


Origin Access and EA Access allows gamers to play EA games five days early for 10 hours of total play. This is how EA set it up for FIFA 16, and we expect that this will continue for FIFA 17.


That means on September 15 or September 22nd PC and Xbox One owners will likely be able to play FIFA 17. This is the full game and it is not a demo or a beta.


In previous years this did not extend to the PS4. EA is hosting EA Play in June, which is where we should hear more about this option. It is also when we would hear about any change that extends this to the PS4.


FIFA 17 Consoles & PC

It is very likely that we will see a FIFA 17 Xbox 360 and PS3 release this year.


With EA confirming a Xbox 360 and PS3 Madden 17 game for sale we feel it is a good sign that FIFA 17 is coming to older consoles as well.


With that in mind, you can expect to see FIFA 17 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and on PC as well.


If you plan to buy FIFA 17, the Xbox One, PS4 and PC will offer the most features and best graphics.