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FIFA 17 Weekend League Review

So I'm sat in traffic (passenger) en route to work so fancy giving my review.


I qualified with ease, conceded just once in the four games and picking up a total of 12 goals.


So this weekend I was at home not the girlfriends so thought okay, let's build up a squad and give this a go.


FIFA 17 Weekend League Review


The squad was a solid BPL one matched to my play style

Lloris, IF Coleman, Smalling, Williams, Azpilicuetta, Kante, SBC Barry, KDB, SBC Son, Willian, Vardy or Costa.


So I get into games and well, the level of play is so so different to the point it isn't even fun.


I didn't get outplayed, I simply was trolled is my best explanation, the amount of PTB from kick off is ridiculous. As a result I'd end up with 60% possession but not breaking through, or alternatively facing Butland and having 25 shots on target and losing 3-2.


I think it's a truly fantastic idea by EA however the FIFA community, if you can call it that, is ruining it completely with the the sort of "try hard" approach.


I genuinely don't think I want to qualify again it's too much hastle and sucked the fun right out.


I got to silver two in 20 games and simply gave up. I didn't enjoy a second of it and yes I could have continued and on into gold, I just wanted to go back to seasons and enjoy myself.


Some may say "but the packs?!"


I enjoy my team and right now I can't see much improvement until IFs come out as such, fun>packs


TL;DR -- hated it, gave up after 20 games.