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Fifa 17 will be the FOURTH game on PS4 and its still not even "Next-Gen"

1. Impact Engine: The collision system is still comical with players falling the wrong way to what they are tackled or doing moonsaults as if they were on the moon.

2. Auto shots, auto clearances and auto tackles have settings to turn them off.


3. Goalkeeper's rushing out are left to the user, that's why there is a button for it! (Or you add a setting like the previous post to turn them on or off).


4. Knock Ons: They used to slow the attacker down so the defender caught up to you in Fifa 12 on PS3, the exact opposite of what this feature is for. Now, you actually fixed this bug for Fifa 13 (as you made a big deal out of it in one of your preview videos for Fifa 13, and used it as a selling point for a new gameplay feature), but then for Fifa 14 on NG it was back, and still hasn't been fixed since!


5. Make the ball independent from the player!


6. Referees.


7. Player Switching: I suggest going back to the old system from Fifa 10 which absolutely no one ever had any problems with and didn't ask it to be changed in the first place.


8. Offsides: Jesus, is it really so hard for a top player to make an intelligent run to stay onside before getting the pass!? Didn't you once advertise curved runs!?


9. Contain: You may as well completely remove it and just let players manually defend (jockey) the attacker before making a move to tackle him, as currently if you hold contain your player "randomly" runs around in a 10 yard imaginary circle (Which lets the attacker through) and doesn't actually closely mark the attacker as the whole purpose of what this config is for.


10. Passing: Why cant you make a simple 10 yard pass to your team mate without it going to the opposition (and even if it does he takes the touch of a donkey), but you can fire a 100mph pass (passing with purpose) to a player and he makes a perfect first touch?


11. Blind Passing: Similar to passing in general but how can players make perfect passes / clearances when they're facing 180 degrees in the complete opposite direction! The A.I can even do this! This should result in 100% error! (Again, maybe this is to do with the ball not being independent from the player?)


12. Players feet don't even walk / run on the ground properly, they're floating above the grass!?


13. Imaginary Yellow Cards: When a wall creeps forward sometimes the referee notices and shows the player a yellow card, but look closely and the card is missing!? He just holds his hand in the air! He should then also move the wall back to its original position, but he lets them stay encroached!?


14. More animations for types of passes (why cant you bend / curve a pass?) shots, goalkeeper saves etc.


15. Goal Kicks: Why can't you take driven or lofted goal kicks like you can for normal free kicks? And also, if during a goal kick i use full power it should go further than the halfway line!