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FIFA has an extremely complex skill ladder

Best answer is to get better at not conceding first and being more clinical in front of goal so it doesn't matter when you come up against them because you're too good.


It is important to recognise that they play perfectly at their skill level. That is how they do it.

Don't question the lack of ability in controlling a pass. This has nothing to do with your opponent unless you think it, so don't think it. It's the game and you want to master the game even when there is a lack of control. Trying regardless of the outcome leads to winning whereas thinking the worst leads to losing.


Opponents who can pressure well understand the channels you and your AI players are autopilot attempting to exploit and are able to use the right stick to almost immediately switch to the correct player and sprint towards the ball carrier with that player and make almost perfect defending decisions every time like when to slide tackle, contain, barge into you, abort and U turn etc.


FIFA has an extremely complex skill ladder and each step is unknown until you are ready and willing to learn it otherwise it's impossible to know without someone who knows and understands it well enough to explain it to you.


If you want to make it difficult for them to defend against you, you must instinctively know the positioning of your players versus the positioning of their players, and you need to quickly assess the tendancies of your opponent so you can instinctively react, and you want to be able to comfortably pass or hold up/protect the ball at a skill level above the opponent's defending skill level.


If you want to be one of the best at this game you need to think how do I do x,y,z better and especially never stall your progress by questioning the opponent's seemingly super human abilities. Don't give a flying **** about your opponent besides how you can do better to exploit his weaknesses and minimize his strengths.


Also I've seen dpad cheat modes initiated before kick off, not sure if that is really a thing though. 


I mostly sprint, jockey or walk back/stand still. I use contain and teammate contain sparingly. It's better to maintain the teams shape and exploit opponents attacking mistakes using the right stick.


For example switch back to a CB and sprint forward with him while opponent is still high enough up the pitch.


I'm not much of a helper. I might write a book for FIFA 17 or 18 although I still have a lot to learn.