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They need to spice it up a bit and encourage more people to play it, the game play in clubs compared to ultimate team ia atrocious.


All most of us ask for is CPU players who can pass 5 yards either direction and show a bit more intelligence when reading passes and attackers runs oh and the basic ability to win a header in the middle of the park


If ea decided to incorporate a game mode similar to ultimate team into pro clubs I think It would be a big hit, get fifa 17 coin rewards for moving up divisions which ultimately let you purchase packs to get better players for your pro club squad ie: you win a professional player for a specific position that is normally inhabited by a useless cpu playe.

This would encourage more people to play clubs and maybe spend money on packs etc in the chances that you could build a squad full of stars that would help your average teams who may only play with 2-3 human controlled players and it would take a load of the guys back who decides to do ANY, imagine being able to move the ball around with iniesta etc in your midfield instead of some 68 rated random cpu player who cant pass 5 yards and has a firat touch of a rapist.


This game mode has so much potential but yet every year EA seem to neglect it which is a shame but it's simply because there is no money making in clubs.


If ea made a pro clubs where it was 100 times smoother and better, im sure most peoole would be happy putting their money into it.


Any other suggestions or counter opinions are welcome.