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FIFA Trading Tips During TOTS releases

Hey guys. I had a look around and noticed a lot of people asking for help on trading during the TOTS releases.


I'll add a link to my Youtube Channel where all this information can be found as I upload weekly videos, but I'm not here to advertise.


A helpful video explaining this in more detail:


1. Do your research. Analysis a market and find the lowest buy now then bid for that player at a slightly lower price so that you can make a profit. Good markets are players that are like to get a TOTS or have got a TOTS.


2. Invest in players that you hope will be part of TOTS (the earlier the cheaper you will find them). A cheeky way of optimising this with little fifa coins is to do someone who is a little more risky. As in less like to receive a TOTS. For example a lower level La Liga (BBVA) player who has preformed great but isn't the best player out there. A past gone example is Kabouh in the Bundesliga.


3. My third suggestion is to look for things that are happening in Ultimate Team. For example the Bundesliga offline single player tournament. If you completed this tournament you received a gold pack. As a result a lot of players went to the market to make a bundesliga team. If you as the seller got in their and bid on low price players one was making around 20 000 fifa 17 coins in a few focused hours.


Let me know your thoughts and make sure to check the channel out for more information and trading tips.