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How to improve fifa 17 career mode

Ive played fifa since around 10 and i did also buy the other type of fifa game, Fifa manager till they stopped making it.

What ive noticed are these things:


1. tactics DO NOT WORK. i put it in counter attack and they dont attack.. i put it on pressure, they dont pressure at all.


2. in the instruction, that is the biggest joke ever! i do assign my wings to never help defending, my wings to always overlap, my midfielder to stay back, guess what they do.. yes you guessed it,, they do the complete oppisite.. defenders who are told to stay back, joins the attacking with sprinting the whole way to play a striker and wings are going further back then left/right backs are.


3. roles is also complete bullshit from EA.. i want to deside who kicks the penalty, but it always disagree with me and picks someone else which it does when playing the game or simulating the match, which brings us to number 4.


4. when simulating matches, the substitubes are really weird most of the time, that when i have a defender being substituted for a back, eventho i got a defender that can get substituted in.. when im ahead, it wants to substitute more offensive players in and defensive players when im behind with a goal and want to catch up.


5. i love the fact that players can demand more money in contract "hi manager ive worked hard and i think i deserve to get paid more" - ehm no im the manager i will give you a new contract if you deserve it or not. its so unrealistic, if i dont feel they deserve it, the board will put him for sale so he can get sold, so you either have to give him that new contract or offer him a new one with the same salary which he rejects and stays unhappy over.


6. same deal with their roles, as reserve/rotater and so on, i dont mind that they do poke me "i was wondering if you would rotate a bit on this easy match" but when players are whinning over "i want to start in / i demand to start in" thats just bullshit. i think we should have that ability as a manager to poke the players and say "hey you played well last match, im gonna use you again really soon / you didnt perform well, im gonna let you rest a bit" you get my point.


7. also when signing new people in, i like that you can tell them what kind of role you want them to join as, but it would be great to have option like example, a player with 80 overall, sign him as rotater but with intention as a important player etc (if he is young he will need time to develop) and if he is close to 30 then perhapes sign him as important player, but eventually a rotater.


8. i would love to see some serious fixing on these issues, as i feel that they take a lot away as a manager.. like 1, with tactics, i want to have a team that is standing back and just waiting for that one bad pass to go counter attack and just storm in.. or with high pressure, have my players staying close to each other and put that pressure on to win the ball back. that the roles and instruction works, i for example play with barcelona team, and i want my 3 strickers up front to stay up and be ready with their magic with backs and offensive midfielders to support them, where as my defensive midfielder and defenders should stay back and not the oppisite, I DONT play with the tactic inside the match to put it on offensive/defensive or anything as i know it will mess it up evenmore. the simulating match, i want to be able to that if someone gets injured that it would pause and give me option to substitute WHOEVER i want it to be and not that it goes on with that person who is injured and i also want the ability to substitute whoever and whenever i want and i also want the roles to work. its so frustating that i have luis saurez to kick penalties, but it shows neymar doing it eventho suarez is playing and he is assigned to it. i saw another thread with a guy named comet12 or something like that, he also had some very awesome suggestions on how to improve the game.. these are the things that i see as small things that could really lift up the experience as manager!


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