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How to Sell FUT Cards for More FIFA Coins!

This will be obvious to the more experienced traders. If you consider yourself as such, this is might not be worth the read.I’m an economics major who loves talking about markets. I don’t claim to know anything “special” but at least for me, applying what I’m learning in university helps me better understand why the FUT market behaves the way it does.


Quick Note: If you are more of a visual person, you may find my video where I talk about this topic helpful



I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently asking me how to sell players for a higher price and how to sell more of cards each time they list them. I believe that there are two main factors considering the market in a micro sense. The first is how you list them, and the second is when.


This post will cover the how, and part 2 (coming out later this week) will cover the when (specifically dealing with time zones).


Table on Contents

1 - Consumables

- Unspecifiable Consumables

- Do's/Do not's

- Specifiable Consumables

- Do's/Do not's

2. Card Listing

- Appearances Matter

- Contracts

- Fitness

- Chemistry Style

- Pricing

- Cheaper Cards

- High Value Cards

3. Conclusion


Consumables (Easy Section)

Listing consumables, in theory, should be the most straightforward card to list on FUT. This is because they are uniform, meaning that the only factor that can influence desire is the price. However, many consumables cannot be specifically searched for, making it difficult for buyers. These require a different technique.


Unspecifiable Consumables (Training, Healing, Manger Leagues, rare fitness/contracts):

This is where we can get a little creative. It can be very difficult to properly narrow down the search or just impossible. So, let’s take advantage of it...


Don’t Do This

The number one thing you don’t want to do is use the relist button if you are selling 5+ of the same card. First that will mean that all of those cards will go across the trade block at the exact same, and, more importantly it will look like you are price fixing. You probably won’t sell any.

List at anything above the lowest BIN price (macro shifts taken out of fifa account)


Do This

Important Tip - Vary the prices of your cards by a couple of hundred


First, list a card, on it’s BIN, at the price that that you think is the “fair price”


Next, list a card with its bid price one iteration below the fair BIN price and then make the BIN price one above the normal


Repeat… hopefully this cycle will start bidding wars between people as they see that people buy the first card, they bid on the second card after that hoping to get a deal, but then get outbid by someone who may have been frustrated by not getting the first card.


Make sure you vary the prices slightly when you do this, moving up and down a couple iterations every now and then. The pattern is noticeable after a while.


Note - This technique is a bit risky (someone might win the low bid) and is best used at peak times. I will go over peak times in the next post.


Space your cards out by a couple of seconds. This makes it look less like they are all from the same person (aka you don’t want to look like you are trying to fool a buyer) and makes the bidding war technique much more effective.


Don’t list more than 20 of the same card at the same time.

No matter how good you are at changing it up, this will hurt you. Try trading with at least two types of consumables at a time so that you can mix up what is going through your trade pile.


Specifically Consumables (Position changes, Chemistry, non-rare fitness/contracts):

There is not much to say about about listing these types of cards, aside from patience. Depending on the popularity of the card, it is usually a safe bet (if you want to sell it immediately) to list it 100 fifa coins below the lowest BIN. If they are already at the min 200 BIN, the only answer is to keep relisting or to quicksell.


All Other Cards (A Bit Less Obvious)

There are two main things to take into consideration, when it comes to how you list your cards. The first, and most important (especially for high priced cards), is appearances. The second is how you price your cards.


Appearances (Important Section):

Think about how you choose what player card to buy. If you are like most FUT players you look at their price first and foremost, and then a combination of the contracts, fitness, and chemistry styles. Here are a couple of clever (kinda) ways to inexpensively make your cards more appealing. This is especially important for high priced players. The buyer looking at these types of high priced cards will not really care if you list something for +1k or more if they are getting a card that they think is superior.



Important Tip - Do the bronze pack method in the beginning of the game while it is profitable, and don’t quicksell (that is if you can’t sell them for 150 of course) your non-rare fitness cards. Instead, use them to make the cards that you want to sell full fitness.

If you don’t know what that is, look it up on YouTube… it’s been beaten to death, revived, and then beaten to death again with the amount of videos on it, so you should be able to find one :)

Make a squad and call it fitness or something like that. If you buy/have a player that you want to sell and they don’t have full fitness, send them their and wait till the squad fills up a bit. Once it gets above 9 players, it is more efficient to use a squad fitness.

You could also just put these players on the bench of your current team and then apply a squad fitness to the team when your regular team needs it, upping the cards you want to sell at the same time.



Important tip - Never quicksell managers. In fact you might want to go out and buy some. Most managers will give contract time bonuses and when combined together, you can get up to a 50% boost in contract length every time you apply one.

Not only will this save you money on contracts but if you apply a 150 fifa coin contract to a card it will get more contracts than most on the market and you will be able to charge a higher price than usual.

Same as above, but a bit less applicable. When you do the bronze pack method, many people discard the non-rare contracts. Keep those and use them to boost your player's’ contracts!

Don’t quicksell the contracts you get from pack. YouTubers… I’m looking at you :)


Chemistry Style:

*I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t really do this… but some people I’ve talked to insist on it*

Buy low priced chemistry styles (ones that you can get on bid for 150) and put them on your players… I guess it makes them stick out a bit. Not sure it’s worth the 150 fifa 16 coins though.

Don’t quicksell the chemistry style cards that you get in packs. Even if you don’t want them, you can just apply them to a card to make them more appealing to someone.


Pricing Section:

There are two main types of pricing strategies. The first is for listing mass amounts of players and the second is for listing individual players.


Mass Listing:

This technique is only really applicable for upgraded players. (If you are listing massive amounts of expensive players, you are a baller and you probably don’t need help).

It is basically the method used for listing unspecifiable consumables. Since it is difficult to narrow these down in search you essentially copy the technique above.

You can’t really do this for many other players on the market except maybe silver and bronze cards that have a very low weight.


Individual Listing:

If you are listing a high valued player with low weight (I’m assuming you don’t have more than one to list) you want to start a bidding war on that card.


Decide on a “fair price” and then subtract 3-6 iterations of price. This will be your starting bid price.

Then pick a BIN price that is 1-3 iterations the fair price as the BIN price


Hopefully this will start a bidding war that will end with someone buying the card at the BIN price. Either way, there is a good chance you will sell it.



Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for part one. I hope this helps at least some of you sell your cards for a higher price and sell more of them per hour!


My biggest tip is to think about what makes you buy a card, and the cater to that.


Also, don’t forget to go enter that giveaway!


If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you guys for reading. I also want to hear some feedback from you guys! What are your methods for listing cards (consumables and regular cards) that make them sell for more/sell more of them sell?


This post and the corresponding video took a lot of effort and any support that you could offer would be greatly appreciated :)


It’s been Jamey aka the Fut Economist, I encourage you to keep your trade piles full, stay rational, and I’ll see you later!


This is actually part of an Econ project I'm doing! Participant rationality in user markets is the main topic. It sounds a bit far fetched I'll admit, but I'm having fun with it.