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I get FIFA 17 packs if i go back to pc

Yes you'll have loyalty packs.

But you'll need to build yourself a pretty beasty PC for it to satisfy you. I am also a PC Gamer. There are a lot of sacrifices that you'll need to make and brainstorming. For example preparing yourself for troubleshooting if something goes wrong, drivers, etc. Regular maintenance every 6 months-2 years cleaning the PC removing the cooler blowing dust out, applying fresh thermal paste, etc to stabilize CPU temperatures.

When building a new Gaming PC. You have to make very careful research on what graphics card, motherboard, power supply processor, case, etc and make sure that they are all compatible with each other.


PC Gaming can be problematic if I am being honest. I am a 100% PC Gamer myself. There's a lot you have to do. Only Windows itself is such a big trouble where you have to search and solve problems.


However, I still recommend PC Gaming. I'll probably never switch to Consoles. Because the advantages far out-weight the disadvantages. Nowadays, I do have to admit there are far less computer problems than 5-10 years ago. As technology has advanced, with more powerful CPU's and GPU's there are less problems to face. Problems are also easier to diagnose and solve.


However, you may face problems if you go on a budget build PC. Such as performance issues, crashes. That's why I highly suggest you get a powerful GPU and more RAM, preferably 16 GB. Don't forget the Power Supply don't cheap on that or else it may blow up. Get a certified branded PSU such as Corsair, EVGA, Cooler Master, etc.


It will last you for years. I still have a GTX 560 Ti 5 years and 3 months old playing mostly all the games in the world but at minimum settings.


The cheating issue would be solved if EA implemented something like Valve Anti Cheating system whereby EA could punish the cheaters with a permanent VAC ban to their Origin accounts. A VAC ban should mean that a player in FIFA can no longer matchup in season mode or Ultimate Team. Can only play Unranked Matches.


Unfortunately EA have not implemented this system to Origin like Valve have with Steam.


However, to tell you frankly, I've been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PC for 6 years now and I rarely came across cheaters with Punkbuster (cheat detection) servers. Meaning if anyone tries to cheat they immediately get booted off the server.


A similar system must be implemented for FIFA where the cheater will get booted off the EA Sports Servers and instantly receive a loss. Now if EA really did put the effort in, the cheating system would definitely be mitigated from the PC version!


Oh and I would like to also say that for the record I have not experienced a single cheater in NBA 2K15 PC online for almost 2 years of playing!