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I have couple of FUT17 Idea in my mind

FUT17 Ideas:

1. Adding Compare button to FUT Companion App for mobile phones


2. Adding price input on consoles/pc in-game, because it's time consuming and boring not being able to put for example: 650,000 buy now.


3. Bringing back trade offers limiting trade offers to 1 per week or similar with little modifications to avoid them being abused by cheaters.


4. Adding Clean Sheets to GK's in Bio.


5. Being able to change boots of the players and gloves of GK's (yeah it's sounds like I'm 13yr old kid, but little customization wouldn't hurt)


6. Being able to decide what weather type can show on your stadium and what time of the day when you are host/home.


7. FUT Draft prizes - when you finish FUT Draft, you can choose do you want packs as reward or fifa 17 coins.


8. Search filters enhacements - stadium can be searched by club or at least league. Also, Player Name search should also include IF cards, so you can choose for example 88 Godin and not all IF cards of Godin at once, something like Futhead and other FUT sites already have.


9. Trophy Hall/Cabinet - adding one menu or tile in-game so you can see all your trophies but in something like cabinet


10. Being able to add chants on your stadium - I don't know why EA disabled this after FIFA12 if I remember, would be nice to hear YNWA on Anfield or similar. Also, this would be limited so you can choose like 100-200 chants that are in-game, that would avoid explicit music and chants.


11. Logo maker - this worked very well in Black Ops series of Call of Duty. Yes, people will abuse that as they did sometimes in Black Ops so they draw explicit content, but that can also be limited to avoid.


12. Report system, we at PC side are pretty handicaped by cheaters in Div1 and Div2, basically at least 50% of games are against bronze teams where opponent quits in first few secs of game and we lose contracts on every player and don't receive win. Just a simple "Report Player" would be amazing, and doing something like if player receive 20 reports in a week it results in automatic ban.


13. Rewards after achieving milestone with player - for example after 100goals for team online (not including kick off to avoid boosting) players gains +1 in shooting permanently, same goes for CB's they receive +1 in defending etc.


14. FUT Draft by ratings - like you can choose to play FUT Draft with only Bronzes, Silvers, Gold, IF's or All (like it's now). This would be interesting, to try lower rated players, people don't wanna spend time at least on PC to play with bronzes, because it requires time, fifa 17 coins and so on.


15. Better celebrations/visuals after winning trophy/div, it's stupid when you win division or trophy and your players don't celebrate at all nor do they have trophy in their hands.


16. More fifa 17 coins after win in a match - because if you just play games you will earn fifa 17 coins sooo sooo slow, you are forced to trade in order to get better players. Also, DNF modifier is broken 2 years in a row.


17. Div1 prize for Holding - so I know every player must be angry at this, you play for Div1 Title, and you are missing title by 1 or 2 points and instead of 15,000 fifa 17 coins you get 7,500. This should be improved to at least 10,000 for Holding Div1.