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I just did some experiments on FIFA 17 game issues today

I just did some experiments today, because I got curious about why the delay is also present when playing against friends at home. When I played with cable unplugged, there was barely a thing to complain about. With internet connection, and connection to EA servers, it wasn't as bad as it is often in FUT, but there is a noticeable difference. Of course this was only a few games, but striking as it met the expectations exactly.


I just did some experiments on FIFA 17 game issues today


Following this I tried investigating the traffic in and out of my PS4 when playing. I used to do this for troubleshooting purposes at times when I played FUT or H2H, against real opponents, but this time it was the KI. So how does the traffic differ? The answer is not much, except that all the packets you and your oppontent exchange are missing. But what is going on between EA's servers and you is similar to that case. I find it really strange that as soon as I am connected to the internet, there's so much stuff flying through my network, even while I play against a friend or the KI. And again, I live in Germany and get connected to EA's servers in Toronto, so no wonder that things take time, but there are even some curious servers located in California which establish a connection when I start a game. I don't have any idea what that is supposed to mean, when i search the IP adresses I find that these servers are hosted by amazon, but I guess they're rented by EA or something.


Anyway, in this case, the only thing that's different is presence/absence of server connection. You can imagine what that suggests. Maybe I'll repeat the same experiment with Pro Clubs, as for some reason this plays decently most of the time for me.


P.S.: Because it may be of interest to those who wonder whether their connection is at fault... A game of fifa produces an overall data transfer volume of 5-10 mb, 50.000-100.000 bits transferred per second, but generally it's closer to 50.000, and that's both directions. That means that even an upload of a mere 100 kbps should be sufficient to play the game.


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