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I will never play a FUT Founder again

Now I will start by admitting that I was one of those people who backed out against FUT Founders due to previous bad experiences with them. After reading a lot of threads on this forum about how difficult it is for them to get a game and how its only a small minority of them that are doyles, I felt a bit sorry for them and decided to give playing one another try.


I will never play a FUT Founder again


Anyway I get matched up with a FUT Founder in the WL and confirm the game. Opposition team screen comes up and I see their team name is 'BPL Sweat', playing a 4-3-2-1 formation with the following team:-



Walker Smalling Bailly Shaw

Imbula Kante Fernandinho

Martial Musa Mane


Start thinking I wish I had noticed the BPL Sweat team name before I entered but too late now. So the game loads and I see he has got his home stadium as that horrendous one with the diamond pattern that gives you a headache!!! I think its Stoke City? I am slightly annoyed at this point due to his generic BPL team and I really struggle to play on that pitch as it messes with my eyes.


Game kicks off and immediately I noticed his back 4 drop deep in to their own penalty box as he sets his tactics to Park The Bus and Counter Attack. I do my usual reaction to this and go attacking and the posession setting. Fairly even game for the first 20 mins as he gets as many players behind the ball as he can and chases me around the pitch with Kante. I play slow posession build up and try to work a couple of chances. Out of nowhere he hits me on a counter attack, Musa skips around my centre back and bangs a cross keeper shot in the bottom corner. He runs over to the corner flag and of course hits a dab. He watches the whole replay scene of the goal. Carry on trying to play calmy and slowly but the pitch is really messing with my eyes. HT 1-0 to FUT Founder. Second half kicks off and he starts passing between his back 4 keeping the ball not going forward at all. I switch to high pressure and he panics a bit and launches the ball forward. For some reason my keeper comes way off his line to clear the ball and completely misses it!!!! Martial runs on to the ball and slots it in to an empty net. Classic EAids. FUT Founder runs toward the corner flag and hits that team dance celebration that goes on forever and cuts to the crowd and then back to the dancing. I think its called big man? He then watches the whole replay scene again.


2-0 down I decide I need to go all out attack. I switch my formation to 3-4-2-1 and go ultra attacking and bring on a few subs. 58 mins gone, still time for me to get back in this I hope. He gets the ball back and runs to the corner flag and starts shielding the ball!! After 60 mins!!! I am very frustrated by this point. I have numerous attacks and Butland keeps saving absolutely everything I throw at him, so OP its ridiculous. I crank the pressure up and get the ball off him and launch an attack that I score off to make it 2-1. He pauses the game and makes some tactical changes. I pause after it restarts to see what formation he has gone to. He has manually pulled players back so he has 6 at the back and 3 centre mids with 2 strikers up town. This actually works in my favour as all his players drop deep giving me loads of room in middle of the pitch. He keeps now and again trying to take the ball to the corner and shielding it but I know he is gonna do it. Eventually after plugging away and plugging away I equalise in the 80th minute. He starts to try and play again but still with PTB and counter attack. Its a fairly even last 10 and I get a corner in the 90th minute with +2 added on. Decided to just launch it in the box and hope for the best and low and behold Barzagli rises high and powers home a headed to win me the game 3-2.


I am very pleased about this after the 90 mins of unpleasant gameplay I have been through. FT whistle goes and I get ready to play my next game. A message comes through from the FUT Founder saying "ur such a noob, lucky son of a b****, EA decided you were gonna win that game before we started, I hope you die scrub".


I ignore the message and delete it but this game just reassured my why I will never play a FUT Founder again. Another horrible experience and I will back out from FUT Founders in the future as it is not worth the pain and hassle of trying to play against one. Anyone else had similar problems?


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