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Im not a great fifa player

Not played for 10 days until Friday, as Ive been away. I know there was maint during that time, but what the hell did they do. Are they trying to drive us all away?


Seems EVERYTHING thats been bad this year is now OP. Attackers pace, high pressure, rugby tackles not football, zig zag dribbling, all so much worse than before I went away.

All the stuff that countered these bad things seems to have gone. My defenders seem to part like the red sea, tackles just bounce to my opponent, passes go anywhere but where I aim them, interceptions all over the place, crosses no longer work, even skill moves (not that I use them as Im not great at them) seem so sluggish, I just get bundled of the ball.


Im not a great player, but hell. I usually play Div 3-5, and before I took the break was in Div 4 after hoIding and just missing out of promotion back to 3. I normally have score lines 1-0, 2-0, 2-1. occasionally a 0-0 or 3 something.Very rarely do I concede more than 2, and I usually score 1 or 2 myself. I normally defend well, and can create some chances, and Im not clinical but put some away.


Since Friday I have scored twice. twice. I have lost 7-0, 6-0, 5-0, 4-1..... The lowest I have conceded is 4 FFS. I havent changed formation, tactics or players. I know we can all go on poor runs, I know the severs arnt great at times, I now have 2 points to get in my last game or Im getting relegated to DIV 9.............


To be honest, I dont care what Div Im in - Its about the game. I want to play the game I know and love, win or loose but this isnt football, on any level. Its a cross between rugby, murder ball, and high speed ping pong.


I have had a go at people creating such posts as these, as its normally a case of "the game is what the game is - live with it" but it just seems to have morphed beyond belief. Its everything I hated in FIFA 14, 16 AND 16 with no good points to save it.


Why oh why cant EA leave the flippin game alone. They spend a year or more creating it, then spend all year "tweeking" it, never fix the bugs, until its just a crap pace/pressure fest AGAIN.


Either someone point me to what has changed, and advice to counter, or Im actually done.. Ill be back on project cars until No mans Sky gets released. Not that EA will give a F, I havent spent a penny on packs - I refuse to (at 48). But the game, play the game is what I do.


Pace and pressure has always been OP, but seems even more so now - and the "counters" to them just arnt working.


Im not complaining, as such - as I said, its a game just play it BUT Im after some help in working out what changed, and how to counter those changes (both the unrealistic OP stuff, and the counters).


It is possible nothing has changed, and Ive just had a run of opponents who prefer to win at all costs than actually play football - but ive never come across so many one after the other, and have always been able to counter them to a greater or lesser extent. Currently I just hit brick walls.


I think the worst part, is that the "counters" I used to use - either slow build up, short passing, counter attacks, hold up play etc arnt working because my players are acting like they have never seen a football. Defenders part like the sea, or just stop running when chasing back, the player switching is worse than ever (manual or auto), mids dont seem to want the ball, attackers make runs when I play short, or stop tuns when I play through....


Well put it this way I was playing well in div 4 am now in div 10 I have no idea why I have changed nothing, very mythed and tbh thinking about blowing my FIFA Coins on packs which I don't really want too but guess this would be a more fun way to play the game.