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Ive just seen the new patch notes on PS4

So let me get this straight , as it stands in FIFA 16 there are huge bugs like :

Goalkeepers kicking the ball into their own net

Players suddenly stop moving

Incorrect offside calls

Incorrect advantage decisions

Incorrect fouls

Broken collision detection

Horrendous clipping

Hundreds of other glitches and bugs

and yet what do EA patch?




All those problems i have listed are in the game and EA patch in


"A fix to speed up the recovery flow of FIFA point purchase display errors"


As a huge football fan i now literally hate the EA development team that made this game with a passion.


They have spat in my face and the faces of every single true football fan that have had to put up with this poor excuse for a football video game.


If its not bad enough that the game is a broken mess , they then not only refuse to fix the issues but also have the cheek to patch in pointless fixes.


No development team that watches , likes or even cares about football would have made this game and been happy with it.


Not that it will effect EA or anybody but i for one have had enough. This was the final straw and FIFA 16 will be removed from my PS4 hard drive today.


Ive only put up with it as i needed a football game to play with friends online but id rather no game then to support a team that is making a mockery of a sport i love.


 I thought the game was fine at the start. Not the best ever Fifa created but was playable with just a few issues that needed tweaking. But now it's been dumbed down so players with hardly any skill can just run through you on a counter attack ease by making 2 passes.


I had loads of success playing the possession tactic at the start. Now, if you don't play the game at 100mph (high pressure or counter attack) you get punished by lower skilled players more often. The possession tactic has become redundant because players cannot contain opponents anymore making it impossible to defend near your own box.


I'm not surprised this latest patch hasn't fix any of the gameplay issues.


If i buy Fifa 17 I'm gonna wait until February 2017 when they've finished patching it! Not going to buy it on release ever again. This was the first Fifa I brought for 3 years.