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My third review of this years MC TOTS

Hey everyone, welcome to my third review of this years MC TOTS. I've also reviewed Ilicic and Sosa so if you liked this then feel free to have a look at the them. Here is the team I played Promes in:


For me, Promes is the most exciting card of this TOTS. His stats are comparable to another high rated Dutch winger, but I wouldn't go as far as saying he is the 'cheap Robben'. Promes still sells for 70k which many people will see as a premium price, and this is the question you have to ask yourself. Is he worth it? For me, he wasn't. You must keep in mind that Promes is fairly priced for a winger with his stats, while others such Marchisio and Kante are much more expensive. He is very hard to build a squad around. The Russian league is not as overpowered as it used to be, and if you want to use the Netherlands' best players then you should be prepared to pay a premium price. This may not be such a problem for some people, but I have personally struggled to find my stride with most lower rated players this year. Now onto Promes himself. If you are going to pick up this guy then the first thing you will notice is his abundance of pace. He is very fast, and words cannot explain how helpful this is in matches. The majority of FIFA 16 players use quick full backs who are capable of completely taking your wingers out of the game (Alaba, Alba etc.) It would be fair to say that Promes rarely had a game where he was continually outpaced.

His speed is only helped by my favourite aspect of this card, his quick feet and ball control. This is also extremely helpful as it helps to make the most out of his high shooting stat. If you play properly then Promes will not lose the ball. His control is tight and this allows him to dribble in and out of defences with constant ease. However, the best word to describe his shooting would be inconsistent. His finishing is brilliant most of the time, but I struggled to score goals with him from outside the box. This may not be a problem for people, but I do like to take my fair share of long shots, and I was therefore disappointed with the actual in game shooting. You should be prepared for most people to target Promes, and the better FIFA players will close him down very quickly. This will give you barely anytime to make something happen, which makes his shooting all the more important, but he just never hit anything with proper power and accuracy.


So to conclude, is Promes worth the fifa coins. I would probably have to say no, but only if you feel that you can't get along with the relatively poor options that Promes needs for chemistry. Again, this is only a little complaint and will vary between players, but it was a problem for me. Another dilemma I had was the position to play him in. I often find that my RW's are isolated, and I can sometimes feel that I am forcing the ball out to the side if I have an expensive player there. RM's are usually too far back on the pitch to have a massive attacking effect, and RF's are easily closed down as the formation is a lot narrower. I suppose it depends on your game style on what you'll be wanting to use Promes for.