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PES2017 PC demo to try for myself just gonna have to wait longer

I meant meaningless expo awards. PES has won those awards the last 3 years before Steep yet was a poor game. Companies set out to sell as many copies as possible and make the most money, they don't set up to win awards. You could say PES has won those awards fair and square but what does that actually achieve? Nothing! Because they sell nothing compared to Fifa.


It all comes down to preference, in this day and age, people prefer online and playing an actual player, which is why Fifa is the most popular, it has more variety with its modes and a massive player base. PES has broken netcode, like 70 people on a night and horrible lag and limited choices to play.

Offline isn't a contest though, PES wins that hands down. It has more variety, it has more depth than what EA offer and you can lose yourself in the mode for hours, the AI provide a realistic experience and don't become a chore to play like it is on Fifa.


But more people prefer online, more people want to play competitive games, not face the AI. Which always decides game sales and which sets the games apart.


Konami focus on offline, they focus on the AI, they barely make changes to the actual gameplay, its been the same clunky gameplay for the last few years yet EA always improve their gameplay year in year out, its just the modes they neglect, well they did until this year, the last few years, bar UT, they changed nothing and fans were becoming frustrated. Ask any Pro Clubs player or CM player what they think and they could rant for hours, that was Konami's big chance to steal players and really grow their online and offline playerbase but they didn't capitalise on it.


Now EA have the Frostbite engine, changes to all the modes, gameplay changes and a ton of other new features which will blow PES away.


I'm not trying to be a Fifa fanboy, older members know how much I hate Fifa and how I feel about EA but PES is just good for a trip down memory lane, to remember how good PES 4 and 6 were. Its not good for a year long game, compared to Fifa.