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Realistic fifa which will hopefully be implemeted for fifa 17

Try spurs vs spurs with broadcast view with semi pro difficulty.these slider changes user 44 shot error, 44 pass error, 54 pass strength. and cpu 47 shot error. have 8 minute halves and try to play possesion and passing football if your having problems. edit the spurs tactic to have it 47,46 build up play and org, org, cover like spurs for other teams if u want. if u want it in manager mode u need to edit the default tactic. play man u vs spurs then and see a real man u squad not an easy beat one! if all the teams are like this then the game would be play realistic as well as beautiful! keep to 451's with an am and 2 mc's for no formation differences mattering that much and just the players being the difference and you.


here's a twitch of how i played and notice how its realistic and difficult and every goal is cherished!


put man u on normal tactics and play spurs against them, easy beats and not really realistic.also to put it attacking by going once right on the digital pad could help as well! this is amazing to play it like this and with the broadcast view it makes it amazing!try it please and respond!


fifa 16 is still so great as the play beautiful saying states.just a bit more realism now and it will be even more a classic!

heres the twitch replay spurs vs man u

Watch live video from neon762 on;


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