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Share my experience with my fifa team with you

Hey guys! Just wanna share my experience with my team with you. Maybe I'll sell it, so I do it before.

Oblak: Does his job very consistent and had some very nice saves. Sometimes he let in the stupiest goals in the short corner, but this is a FIFA issue. A big plus is his long throw trait. 9/10


Maxwell: Perfect allrounder. Very good at defendig, decent pace and good passing. No offensive power in my squad, but that is what i want from him. 9/10


Umtiti: The biggest **** I've played this year. Causes so many penalties. And not because I can't defend, I'm very good at this, he is just stupid as ****. Only plus is his good dribbling and solid passing. 1/10.


Godin: OMG! Monster defender. Nothing more to say. Bargain for that price tag. 10/10


Juanfran: He is solid, but not more. Sometimes very inconsistent at defending. But solid. 7/10


Gonalons: Very good defensive mid. Great at defending and heading. Very strong. But he went forward to much (like every CDM this year). 8/10


Marchisio: Machine! Can do everything! 10/10


Matuidi: A bit worse than Marchisio, but still great. 9/10


Pogba: Would be a perfect CM, but as CAM he is so bad. Although he has H/M WR he is never in position. He has a good shoort passing game, but his through balls are too inconsistent. His dribbling and especially his physicall are crazy good. His finishing is not that great either. Like I said would be a 10/10 as CM but as CAM only a 7/10.


Dybala: Best striker I've tried this year. 10/10


Griezmann: 2nd best after Dybala. 10/10