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Suggestions about FIFA 17

1.Add a system in pro clubs where you can have a bench to sub real players on but only get 5 sub or 3 and if you lag out you have the ability to come back on the bench or come directly back into the game as the player you left behind.


2.In ultimate team make a matchmaking option to match your teams rating because ive noticed relatively good players cant win in ultimate team because they consistintely run into teams full of amazing players though this is not always the case the players you go against and their rating make a difference.

3.Improve referees and have a possibility to be a referee in offline matches where you can mess about and just have fun pulling red cars making bad calls and whatever your heart desires.


4.Have the option for online referees that can be chosen by managers for online leagues such as VFL,XVL,FGL etc so you can have that option in these sites.


5.Improve shooting, i like both fifa and pes but noticed there is better gameplay in pes but fifa is king when it comes to game modes but in pes you can score with most everyone for example if you have marcelo or David Alaba or other good shooting fullbacks in pes you can shoot relatively well with them ive seen marcelo in pes and in fifa get the ball off of a corner on top of the box and on pes he will make it most all of the time but on fifa he may make it but with much less consistency just because he is under the category of defender same goes for players like boateng or david silva they are defenders and can shoot but EA thinks not (excuse the capitalization and other grammar issues)


6.Position adaptability,In ultimate team if you put Ronaldo or Messi as a Cam or other mid position and they are forward chemistry goes down but they could easily play these positions in real life.


7.User goalie interface,In career mode and pro club I play a lot of goalie i was top 50 for a while and am one of the best on competitive sites and have a good save percentage . Since they made shooting somewhat easier I think they should add some marker or cursor that shows what side of the goal the ball will go so the keeper know where to go instead of waiting for the shot the marker should show up right when the shot is forming so just as he is about to strike the ball.


8.Celebrations, celebrations that can get you a booking should be added as well for more authenticity, players should be able to remove their shirt as a celebration at any time but will get a booking.


9. Tattoos should also be added for further customization.


10. In pro clubs managers should be able to upgrade the computers and make custom kits and stadium changes all based up on fifa 17 coin currency system these fifa coins should be able to be obtained through matches.


11. Animation customization, animations should be able to be customized like how you run your shot form and when you have a go at a volley if you do something standard or acrobatic same for goalies, goalies should be able to customize how they dive in certain situations.


12.Descent player should be able to do things to be sent off whether it be arguing or getting into physical confrontations with players i dont see this happening since ea would probably want to keep there rating on the game E but i think it could still be done.


And thats my ideas for the game if you would like to add id love to see other ideas and if someone knows how maybe we could somehow send this to ea to get this heard