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Teamplay was the only game mode I played in Fifa 17

Fifa has never been the same without teamplay and personally if there is no teamplay in Fifa 17, me and a lot of my friends will boycott Fifa 17 just like we did for Fifa 16 and so would a lot of people.

Teamplay was the best in Fifa and here are changes to make it even better:

1) Make it 10 vs 10. No one can control the goal keeper. Goalkeeper is controlled by AI.

2) Goalkeeper can only be controlled when it comes to penalty and a random player will be chosen.

3) All gamers can play as ANY football player and not just one person. All gamers should be able to select ANY while selecting a position to play as.


Make this happen and teamplay will be fun. I don't see what the problem is because everyone has been asking for teamplay for the last 2 years. This is exactly why EA gets voted the worst company in the world because you never listen. JUST LISTEN.


Teamplay was the only game mode I played in Fifa. Like any other game it is fun when you've a good team. But I played with all my friends on the same team and it was fun.


Bring it back and make the rules similar to NBA2K16 All star team up, where if you do not play your role or you play selfishly you'll get kicked from the game and your online rank will go down. This way good players will get matched with other good players.


I know one thing for sure me and my friends are not buying Fifa 17 if there is no team play. There are a lot of blockbuster games coming out around the same time and I'm more than happy not to waste my money on Fifa 17. If Pro evolution has team play then I'll buy it.