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I think FIFA 16 was a big step above FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 (next-generation versions) and it was really close to FIFA 12 about entertainment and simulation.

That's what I'd like to see in FIFA 17 (based on egregious FIFA 16):


- Allow only two settings command, opposite each other, in order to standardize the game controls: full-assisted and full-manual


- Increase in a clear fatigue of the players (to a level slightly higher than that of FIFA 16) due to a continuous pressure of the speed button.


Due to fatigue, players should have a "skill loss" (not just a speed or acceleration reduction, but also pass and shoot precision, etc)


- Eliminate automatic tricks of the players who have high skills


- Restore the old system of feints by pressing LT/L2+RS, because the current system is not always accurate and often does not get the trick, but lengthen your stride


- Eliminate the "Contain" function, leaving just the existing "Jockey"


- Eliminate self-standing tackle from the selected player (the one I'm directly controlling), using in its place the existing "Tackle/Push or pull"


- Keep the self-standing tackle just for the player (controlled by CPU) who doubles man marking and that is called using the function "Teammate contain"


- Eliminate the magnetized ball effect on referrals defensive (for example, the defending team on a corner throws away the ball which ends at its striker in midfield that runs counter or, the defending team on a corner throws away the ball which ends at the opposing player stationed at the edge of the area and is ready to shoot at goal)


- Eliminate the magnetized ball effect that, after being beaten on the feet of the defender due to a low through passes loaded to the maximum by the opponent, it ends at the feet of running undisturbed on the break (the benefits, then the fault immediately following )


- Make it more difficult to do low passes and high full toss in manual controls, because they seem so much magnetized


- In FIFA 15 goalkeepers were too much static; in FIFA 16 a random goalkeeper looks like the best Gigi Buffon for most of the game and saves everything, then he concedes a stupid goal


- Improving the switching player, because it is still imprecise (especially) and (very often) slow




- Assign different custom formations (modules, tactical tasks of the players) on each direction-pad (or a buttons combination), so we can called them up during the match without stopping game


- Increase the number of custom formations that can be created (now the maximum number is five)


- Make more complex assignments tactical tasks to each player, so you can better simulate the changes tactics of a team to move from the defensive to the offensive, and viceversa (for example, many teams adopt a formation to attach and a different formation to defend, continuously changing them during the game)


- Show for the entire field on which they are deployed eleven players when changing a module (like in PES), so you see the "depth" (length and width) of the pitch and make a better disposition




- Eliminate the annoying aliasing when doing a close-up of the ball, stadium, players, etc.


- Showing players entry into the field and deploying all in line with among the judges, to get a close-up their faces. Then, the opposing team steps towards the home team shaking their hands


- Improve the italian commentary, often absent and repetitive


- Improving the public's reaction to the various phases of the game, both in terms of auditory (applause, whistles, etc.) and visual ("animated" choirs with jumps, undulations, hola, etc.)


- Improve the offside replays: show a first line indicating the striker offside, a second line that indicates the last defending man and how many centimeters the striker was beyond


- Improve the ghost goals replays: the "Goal Line Technology" appears too rarely


- Add the top view (with the camera perpendicular to the field) during the replay of a goal


- Toss the fifa coin (two choices: field or ball)




4.1) FUT

- Add manual filters

4.2) Pro Club

- Add manual filters

4.3) Seasons

- In matchmaking add favourite nationality of opponent without going to affect the narrowness of research

- Fix the seasons and season cups because it is impossible to play them using manual controls. It happened also in the latest versions of old-gen FIFA (FIFA 13 and 14) and, therefore, the problem is not related to the number of people participating, but maybe a matchmaking problem. Now it is almost impossible to play even the seasons.

4.4) Online Friendlies

- Disable "Match Day" and leave it active only in the seasons and in the offline mode

- View the settings of the game (half length, controls, game speed and squad type) which you have been invited to before accepting

- Possibility to choose if the game grades (3 points for wins, 1 for draws, 0 for losses) or not (as it was a real friendly match)

- Possibility to quit the game within five minutes and without defeat by forfeit

- Possibility to quit the game at any time through asking the opponent to choose a "consensual" quitting and so without defeat by forfeit

- Choose to play extra time and a penalty shootout at the end of each game

- Add a futsal mode with official rules and FIFA held on the playing surface floors

4.5) Etc.

- Cancel the upgrade to the current season of the overall values ​​(speed, acceleration, etc.). These changes make sense only from season to season because, as a result of maturity that advances, a few physical skills may be lacking.

- Replace the"Head to Head" section, especially 2vs2

- Poor and fluctuating servers decrease quality of the game that constantly changes during the game



5.1) Kick Off

- Add a futsal mode with official rules and FIFA held on the playing surface floors

5.2) Career

- Import the entire property of FIFA Manager, since it came out production

5.3) Training

- Reintroduction of the mode "Learn how to play" which is still in FIFA old-generation version, especially "Match training" and "Training set pieces"


- To create schemes for free kicks

- To create schemes for the corners, with the chance to select men to send by role

- Selection as a player for the arena even a reserve (without having to change the eleven first-strings in the management team)

5.4) Challenges

- To create an own challenge (by placing targets, opponents, etc.) and by challenging friends to it

- Display of replay when you score a goal in the arena, with the ability to zoom, rotate the camera, etc.



The most important thing is to enter new championships but, above all, keep them in time.

There was the great championship of the Czech Gambrinus Liga, then disappeared.

Same thing for the Brazilian or the turkish, reinserted only recently.

There is no sense in adding a championship and then losing it.

Then, why is there a so poor number of national teams?

I understood it would be a bit counter-productive for EA Sports (which already products FIFA editions just for national teams like EURO or World Cup), but I think there should be at least the most famous (where is Ukraine? And Croatia?), adding the less famous ones in the EURO or World Cup editions.

6.1) High priority entries

(1) Prem'er-Liha (Ukraine)

(2) Souper Ligka Ellada (Greece)

(3) Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazil)

6.2) Important entries

(4) Chinese Super League (China)

(5) Gambrinus Liga (Czech Republic)

(6) Teams in the "Rest of the world"

- BATE Borisov, Dinamo Minsk (Belarus)

- CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia (Bulgaria)

- Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split (Croatia)

- Anorthosis, APOEL, Omonia (Cyprus)

- Flora Tallinn, Tallinn Ledavia, Sport Tallinn (Estonia)

- HJK Helsinki, Inter Turku (Finland)

- Dinamo Tbilisi Torpedo Kutaisi (Georgia)

- Deprecen, Ferencvarosi, MTK Budapest, Ujpest, Videoton (Hungary)

- Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)

- Daugava, Skonto, Ventspils (Latvia)

- Birkirkara, Floriana, Hibernians, Sliema Wanderers, Valletta (Malta)

- Dacia Chisinau, Sheriff (Moldova)

- CFR Cluj, Dinamo Bucuresti, Steaua Bucharest (Romania)

- Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, Vojvodina (Serbia)

- Senica, Slovan Bratislava, Zilina (Slovakia)

- Domzale, Maribor, Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia)

6.3) Interesting championships

(7) Indian Super League (India)

(8) Campeonato Brasileiro Série B (Brazil)

(9) Eerste Divisie (Holland)

(10) Segunda Liga (Portugal)

(11) Pro League (Italy)

(12) 3. Liga (Germany)

6.4) Historic teams unlockable in the game store

Ajax 1965-73

Ajax's 90 years

Bayern 1967-76

Benfica 1959-68

Bordeaux 80's

Borussia Moenchengladbach 1970-79

Boca Juniors 1998-03

Celtic 1965-1974

Chelsea 1998-99

Crvena Zvezda 1991

Dinamo Kiev 1985-87

Honved 1950-55

Independiente 1971-75

Inter 1962-67

Juventus 1980-86

Juventus 1994-97

Liverpool 1975-84

Liverpool 2005-07

Manchester United 1995-01

Marseille 1992-93

Milan 1962-69

Milan (Sacchi) 1987-90

Milan (Capello) 1991-94

Milan (Ancelotti) 2003-07

Napoli 1984-89

Nottingham Forest 1977-80

Real Madrid 1955-60

Real Madrid 2000-06

Sampdoria 1990-92

Santos 1955-68

Torino 1945-49

6.5) National Teams


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Costa Rica












6.6) Stadiums

- Estadio Nacional Mané Garrincha (Brazil - Brasilia)

- Maracanà (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro)

- Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux (France - Bordeaux)

- Stade de France (France - Saint-Denis)

- Athens Olympic Stadium aka Matmut-Atlantique (Greece - Athens)

- San Paolo (Italy - Napoli)

- Luigi Ferraris (Italy - Genoa)

- Artemio Franchi (Italy - Firenze)

- San Nicola (Italy - Bari)

- Estadio da Luz (Portugal - Lisbon)

- De Kuip aka Stadion Feijenoord (Netherlands - Rotterdam)

- Estadio do Dragao (Portugal - Porto)

- Luzhniki (Russia - Moscow)

- Celtic Park (Scotland - Glasgow)

- Ibrox Stadium (Scotland - Glasgow)

- FNB Stadium (South Africa - Johannesburg)

- Estadio Ramón Sanchez-Pizjuan (Spain - Seville)

- San Mamés (Spain - Bilbao)

- Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Turkey - Istanbul)

- Sukry Saracoglu Stadium (Turkey - Istanbul)

- Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex (Ukraine - Kiev)


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