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What do you think of bringing back in FUT17 Trade Offers?

What do you think of bringing back in FUT17 Trade Offers?


First time trades didn't work because people sometimes unintentionally clicked on Accept or fifa coin sellers sold fifa coins very easy through trades.


Thing is that fifa coins selling will never be extinct, higher price ranges gap allowed that this year.

So, I wanna propose bringing back Trade Offers, with couple changes.


1. Each FUT Club is limited to send 3 trade offers per month/week, this will ensure fifa coin sellers can't overuse trade offers for selling fifa coins.


2. Your offer must be little bit lower, equal, better of the BIN for the card you send offer to.


Example: Somebody is selling Ibrahimović 95 for 1.2mil. In order to send offer you can offer couple of players or one player that must have max price range at least 1.1mil. Also you can involve fifa 17 coins with players in trade. So you offer IF Aubameyang (example his max price range is 500k), so you can offer minimum IF Aubameyang + 600k.


This will also stop fifa 17 coin sellers and ridicioulous offers.


Why trade offers are good?

Example: Instead of selling Ibra 95 for 1.5mil and losing 75k on EA Tax, you can directly offer Ibra in trade for NIF CR7 (let's assume they are both worth about 1.5mil).


Also, you have opportunity to get rid of some players you can't atm sell, but somebody would like to try them.


It gives FUT another dimension and it was loss to FUT when they were removed.


You cant call it best market when players prices fluctate so much that you can easily lose 200kin one day.


Trade offers were never a thing to trade cheap players.


Auto offer bot? I dont get it really..if you dont want trade offer just ignore it or reject.


I dunno about you, but I miss that excitement when you have one or couple trade offers for your player.


Its nice feature and EA should consider bringing it back..fifa 17 coin seller still sell fifa coins and price ranges didnt stop them so I dont see how bringing back trade offer would make situation worse.


There should also be karma system, if you meet cheater in match, just press karma down this would sort out so many problems...and then just easily EA can ban anyone with -100 or more karma. There are so many ways to fight against exploits, why we as players and users of product we paid fo should suffer in lack of features because EA dont wanna sort issues.


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