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Who else do you think should be downgraded in FIFA 17?

After our successful Top 10 Potential Upgrades in FIFA 17 game, we bring you the list of the players who deserve to have their ratings downgraded in FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 Ratings Downgrade


1. Eden Hazard

Is this Eden Hazard FIFA 17 rating? We dont think so


FIFA 16 Rating: 89


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 85


Change: -4


The Belgian was looking ahead to have another amazing season with Chelsea after a title winning season. But, things did not go as planned. Hazard is one of the most underperforming player in Europe with just less than five goals or assist to his name. His FIFA 17 ratings should be downgraded from 89 to 85. Some fan would want to see his stats drop more but he still carries potential to turn his performance next season.


2. Nicklas Bendtner


FIFA 16 Rating: 75


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 71


Change: -4


The Dane rose to fame when he compared himself to Messi and Ronaldo. He got mocked for it but we were seeing some amazing performance from him for his club Wolfsburg last season. Everything changed this term around, the attacker has barely scored and has made some hideous misses leading to disappointing result for his club. His ratings should be downgraded to 71.


3. Paulinho


FIFA 16 Rating: 80


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 72


Change: -8


Paulinho is not in FIFA 16 but his last rating was 80. He is set to return as Chinese Super League will be included in the game leagues in the upcoming game. His performance however are not good as expected so there is a very high chance that his ratings will be downgraded by a lot in FIFA 17.


4. Frank Ribery


FIFA 16 Rating: 87


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 85


Change: -2


It is a known fact that EA are against ageing players and this implies to Frank Ribery. Ribery’s performance are slowing decrying and with injury and fitness scare, his performance is not what it used to. He has been replaced in Bayern Munich by youngsters Coman and Costa. We expect his rating to demote to 85 from 87.


5. Filipe Luis


FIFA 16 Rating: 82


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 80


Change: -2


Luis was heading a great path after his move to Chelsea, or at least we thought so. He was miserable with the club and did not get enough starts as he had hoped for. He was then sold back to his club Atletico Madrid. He has not yet recovered from his bad from in his local club. He will definitely be downgraded in FIFA 17 game.


6. Radamel Falcao

Falcao FIFA 17

FIFA 16 Rating: 83


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 80


Change: -3


With two straight flop seasons in the Premier League, once an 88 rated striker will be reduced to 80 in the upcoming edition. The Colombian has found it very hard to find the back of the goals and even his role in the club is being questioned by fans and managerial staffs. He committed to stay with Chelsea rejecting offers from China and Qatar. He still has potential but it is unlikely that he will find his from.


7. Steven Gerrard


FIFA 16 Rating: 84


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 79


Change: -5


Again, EA are not fair with ageing players. Gerrard moved to La Galaxy from Liverpool expecting an easy lifestyle and good platform to continue his football. But, not everything has gone his way. He has settled with ease but he has not found his place with football. He will have a major downgrade in FIF A17 as his football career is almost over.


8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


FIFA 16 Rating: 89


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 86


Change: -3


It might come as a surprise to many of the fans that Zlatan is in our list. But, the fact is he is going to be downgraded in spite of having a perfect form. A demotion to 86 would be harsh but considering stats drop of top players like Robben and Iniesta, they will eventually get to the Swedish striker.


9. Kevin Prince Boateng


FIFA 16 Rating: 78


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 74


Change: -4


Boateng had a very poor season compare to his last one. It is very likely to be seen in the next ratings update in FIFA 17. The German joined AC Milan in search of new opportunity in Serie A but he has not performed as expected by his standard.


10. John Terry


FIFA 16 Rating: 85


FIFA 17 Predicted Rating: 80


Change: -5


The Chelsea skipper we saw last year was nowhere to found this season. He was very underperforming for his standard which eventually got him off the starting line up under Jose Mourinho. Even after the arrival of interim manager, he is yet to found his place in the team.


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