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You still get fifa 17 coins from the players in the early weeks

To be honest, since it sounds like your v new here, it would take you quite a bit of time to catch up with the seasoned players who start with scratch..especially with zero real money...but its a good game (sometimes v annoying) so you should give it a'll have to play plenty of games, and also find time to trade plenty to use zero money..

You still get fifa 17 coins from the players in the early weeks

When you see people splashing a lot of cash, i think a lot of it is to do with people who enjoy the game, but dont have the spare time to spend hours trading and playing. they probably are working and have a bit of extra cash to spend..


When i was at Uni i had a couple of days a week were i could spend a lot more time on the webapp etc..but not i am at work, i tend to play a lot less and therefore throwing £50 doesnt bother me..people moan say you are spedning money on a virtual game...but im spending £50 i can, while the moaners are spending 12 hours, i cant.


Because as ive said some people want to play the game that dont have a lot of time..they want the players, fifa 17 coins etc. but cant exactly trade all night and play as well.


Pack weights are pack still get fifa 17 coins from the players in the early weeks, even if they are not desirable. Yes its financially stupid to spend money on a virtual game that has a short life cyle but people spend money on lots of things that are replaced with time...


End of the day if you have 30/40 hours a week you can donate to fifa...thats all good, if you dont and you have other commitments, yet have a spare £100 i dont see the big issue.


P.S i am not a big spender justifying myself, i am simply saying it as theres two sides to the fifa coins on this issue, that plenty moan about.