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The EA FIFA yearly release is strange when you think about it

No one seems to know the development team, Or much about the yearly game, Each year we hear less and less!


Now more than ever we need communication with them as there are so many things wrong with FIFA 16. why does it feel like a crime to say that? We all just want a better game.

Its a strange pattern now, No one seems to be held accountable for their actions over at EA! As long as that UT money keeps rolling in, Then what difference does it make if the core game is seriously flawed!


Its a shame that this will keep happening every single year, People arnt going to boycott the game as footy is such a massive sport and EA have the licences! So the money will always keep rolling! Whilst we have to suffer the terrible dev team over there at EA! Im sorry if anyone reads this from your team (Which i doubt) But its about time you put on your big boy pants and came out fighting your corner and not denying that there is anything wrong with your game.


I got news for you guys, Your game is terrible, If you gave your licencees to another company for a year or 2, you would be sacked in a heartbeat! It is insulting to us that you try convincing us each year of your new and improved features, when you often do more damage than good! We need REAL improvements! Not your marketing improvements!


Its fine though, Carry on telling us how great your game is, whats the point of improving a non stop cash cow! Put your feet up and relax! Those doughnuts wont eat themselves!


I dont write this to hate on the devs, But we all know we do not matter to them! The game has become bigger than the loyal fan base!