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Why fifa ea are a bunch of money greedy retards

Short said, please EA, you are one of the biggest game companies in the world, surely you can make a Fifa game where you don't get frustrated all the time. Everytime I play the game, i get frustrated, especially in career mode, and it ruins my day. Just broke my headset from frustration, and im sure im not the only person who gets this feeling of frustration. Please EA, do something about it. Until then, im quitting Fifa.

Hi il make this quick guys, I use virgin medias 200mb cabled to my ps4 the best in the uk ( my internet does not have a problem at all its fine )


BUT in general about every gamer i play online there is major delay with in the game making ea the money greedy retards a waste of space. il give you an example if.


Someones using wifi or cheap internet then i get major delay ( my internets fine) and i end up losing because there is no dedicated servers on fifa so if the game im playing is lagging because of the guy im playing so am i lagging and it frustrates me a lot,


Why fifa ea are a bunch of money greedy retards !!!


They make you pay for a ultimate team online buying players etc and without dedicated servers the game is only major delay even for the host if the other guy joining is lagging or the distance he is from you that will matter BUT because there is no dedicated servers its pathetic lagging in your favour one game then not the next.


Ea you need dedicated servers you bunch of money greedy retards, your fifa game online is a **** pathetic joke that just lags every game.



Ea the money scandles, make you buy a team but they cant afford dedicated servers, so guys don't buy a team as i know it doesn't make a difference when its just lag anyway every game.


Pathetic waste of spaces >> EA ITS IN THE LAG >> PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACES


The only way to sort the game or games out so they do have dedicated servers is for people to complain well il make a start as the game is a **** joke pathetic.


Ea the money scandles that make so much money they cant even afford dedicated servers >> but rocket league can !