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Q:How long will it take to receive the coins after I pay?

A:Usually we can make the delivery instantly, sometimes it may take 5-30mins due to too many orders.


Q: Do you cover the 5% EA tax fee?

A: Sorry, we do not cover the 5% tax at present since our prices are real cheap.


Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express, Weston Union and Wire Transfer as the payment methods.


Q: Can I pay via in Euro or other currency?

A: Yes, you can pay in Euro, USA, GBP, CAD, AUD,DKK, SEK,NOK, etc.


Q: Will you refund me if I did not receive the coins?

A: Yes, we will refund you in 1 to 3 workdays if we failed to finish your order.


Q: What can I do if I put the wrong information of the player?

A: You can go to our Livechat or send an email to us with your correct information, better with a screenshot of your player.


Q: Will I receive a confirmation email after I paid?

A: Yes, the system will send you an email with your order information, you can also go to our Livechat to check your order status at anytime.


Q: Do you need to call me after I make an order?

A: For some special orders, like big amount order or orders with wrong information, we will need to call you to confirm your order.


Q: Is it safe to purchase

A: Of course, our site is protected by Anti-virus system, and all your personal information will be protected by our system, we will never disclose your information to any third party. And our payment methods are also 100% safe because Paypal, VISA and MasterCard are well known as the safest methods in the world.


Q: Can I sell my fifa coins to your site ?

A: Yes, sure! If you want to sell your fifa coins to us, please just contact our 24/7 Livechat and our operator will talk to you and arrange the deal.


Q: Can you pay me if I advertise your site ? And how can I contact the right person?

A: Yes, you could leave your skype or email address on our Livechat, we will arrange the right person to contact you in time.


Q: How can I get a discount/coupon code for returned customers?

A: Usually our customer manager will send you an email after your order is finished, there will be a coupon code in the email, you can also go to Livechat to request for a coupon code.


Q: Why fifa coins are cheaper on your website?

A: We do price check every day in the whole market to make the cheapest prices, if you find any site who is cheaper than us, please just tell us and we will beat their price.


Q: Why is it difficult to enter into live chat sometimes?

A: Sometimes, due to too many customers, our Livechat operators are very busy, so they are unable to pick up all the chat. If you meet this situation, you can wait on Livechat or you can leave the chat and come back later.


Q: What if I have any other questions that are not list here?

A: You can to go to our Livechat at anytime to ask them since they work 24/7, you can also send an email to us and you will get an reply within 10 minutes.