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FIFA 17 Players Upgrades & Downgrades Discuss

Tight one really, could of given this to anyone of up to 5 players, but is has to go to Oztumer. He's one step ahead of everyone else in the team and you can see that in the quality of his goals. 66-70


FIFA 17 Players Upgrades & Downgrades Discuss




Neil Etheridge. We wouldn't be as high in the table if it wasn't for him. Some of the saves he's made have been ridiculous, saw a stat the other day that showed he's the keeper in the league with the most saves. He's out of contract in the summer and there's no chance he'll stay. 65-69


Scott Laird. We need to sign him up asap. With the departure of Rico Henry on deadline day, it left us with no left back. Laird came in on loan and most Walsall fans were like "He's 3rd choice at Scunthorpe, so he must be great" but he's overcome those critics and added much needed experience to the team and has become a real fan favourite. 64-68


Amadou Bakayoko. Fully expected him to be released last summer. Went to Telford on loan and was apparently crap. But Whitney decided to give him a chance and it's paid off. Completely transformed player and has 8 goals this season with a hat trick on his very first start for the club. 58-63


Other mentions go to Adam Chambers and James O'Connor




Kevin Toner. 4 more days left of his loan I think and most Walsall fans are counting the minutes. Booed whenever he plays and jeered when he gets subbed off. When he's been in the team over the past month we've looked poor defensively but when O'Connor and Preston have played we've looked fantastic. A experienced Cb is on top of the shopping list in January. 63-59


Joe Edwards. He's a hard worker for team but that's it. Came in as a Rb but was terrible there, went into midfield and isn't much better. Offers nothing in the final third. I'm not his biggest fan. 64>61


Between Jackson and Moussa for this last spot. Both no good and better options in the team.


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